#MarchForOurLives: POEM – Don’t Let Adults




Don’t let adults try to box you in silence,

More worried about their guns than repeated school violence;

Not caring if children die while school is in session

As they cling to these silly, inanimate possessions.


Don’t let adults say that marching is wrong,

As they think bullying through social media makes them appear strong;

Oh they all eat Tide pods!” is their “mature” rallying cry

As setting a better example for you is too difficult for them to try.


Don’t let adults put you down, as their tired insults are a bore,

As though having been alive longer means they know more;

No problem bullying you, applauding these verbal assaults

Then they try to blame YOU as if the bullying of the shooter is now YOUR fault.


Don’t let adults tell you this is NOT what the country needs,

As they wouldn’t have the first clue on just how to proceed;

YOU are taking action as MILLIONS have your backs

While they remain on social media, piggybacking on others’ attacks.


Don’t let adults shame you with behavior that’s far worse,

Than what’s expected out of you, as you’re merely exercising your First;

They claim to love America, so with you they should be far more lenient

But I forgot; the Constitution only matters to them when it’s convenient.


Don’t let adults dismiss your noble actions,

As calling you childish names shamelessly brings them satisfaction;

Don’t expect them to be mature and for once, imagine being in your shoes

As their “maturity” only goes as far as Donald Trump and Fox News.


Don’t let adults drown out all your brave voices,

And days like today, as though any of them would make better choices;

Some may think this poem was written by some kid skipping out of class

But I’m 38 and an Army veteran, so quite frankly, they can kiss my ass.


Don’t let adults who simply have nothing better to do,

Dictate the state of the country, trying to minimize what YOU went through;

They find every way to dismiss, thinking “away” is where you will go

As they foolishly believe you are “crisis actors,” all because the internet said so.


Don’t let adults, whether in society or legislators,

Infringe on your First Amendment as through marching, YOU are the regulators;

What you are doing puts YOU historically in a much better spot

You are in control here and simply put, they are not.


So please keep doing what you do, ignoring the adults who choose to fuss,

As your supporters outweigh them dramatically; FAR less of them than there are of US.

You’re doing exactly what’s needed to achieve the right results,

So keep on fighting the fight and whatever you do…

…don’t let adults.


– Robert People, 3/24/18


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2 Responses to #MarchForOurLives: POEM – Don’t Let Adults

  1. Nellie Coker says:

    Excellent Poem. ♥️♥️♥️


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