Michelle Wolf at the #WHCD: Her Act Isn’t What Bothered You. Her Doing It With a Vagina Is


This is probably one of the easiest blog posts I’ll ever have to write.

Ever since Donald Trump began his campaign to run for president and he made himself and what he felt about women and people of color known, folks have become quite comfortable with bringing their own already existing feelings (yes, we’re aware they aren’t brand new) of women and people of color out into the open. Considering the lack of a response when a woman or person of color who does not support Trump or bow down at his feet is attacked in some way, it’s not like the rest of us haven’t figured it out by now.

I did not watch or listen to Michelle Wolf’s routine on the day of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but I did just finish listening to it a few minutes ago.

I will admit that I did not know who Michelle was prior to this, but here’s my opinion of what I heard: It was more TRUTH than humor. Which is another reason I believe irritated so many people.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying she wasn’t funny. But she was right on with a lot of the jokes she made.

As a creative artist myself (I’m a screenwriter, author and poet), I greatly respect that Michelle even had the bravery to do this. I always respect comedians in general because what they’re doing is NOT easy, even if I don’t find them funny all the time. Again, not to say that she wasn’t, but I would never heckle, because of how difficult the craft is, but even if they were not landing their jokes, with my luck, the ONE time they would land it perfectly would be a response to my heckling. So nah…I’ll save that one for the “pro” hecklers.

I’ve heard a few of her fellow comedians say that she “nailed it.”

You can add me to that list.

She gave a lot of power to the truth she spoke. And being a woman, it got under the skins of some just a little more than it otherwise would have.

In looking at some of the responses, I’m seeing words like “hateful,” “mean-spirited,” “rude,” among others. The criticism she’s received has used expressions like “the death of comedy” and “disgraceful.”

Considering much of what has come out of Trump’s mouth in the form of a drunk tweet early in the morning, on a podium somewhere, or when he thinks the microphone has been turned off (yes, I’m going there), I find it more laughable that the people who uttered some of these words above were quick to excuse what Trump has said by considering it as “locker room talk” (when was the last time Trump was in a locker room?), Freedom of Speech (gotta love the selective nature of that one), and him “not being politically correct.”

Trump once said that “Most Americans are fucking idiots anyway.” Most. Not “a few” or “some.” MOST. (Google it.)

Trump did not win the popular vote in the election against Hillary Clinton. I know it doesn’t matter now, but I’m still tickled that it annoys some people to keep hearing and reading that, so I just chose to say it again. And to the tune of more than 3 million votes.

But here’s the thing. Trump is in his 70’s. With this having been said only several years ago, I seriously doubt his mind has changed that much. I mean we’re not talking from teen to adulthood. We’re talking from mid-to-late 60’s to today. And in believing that “most” Americans are “fucking idiots,” that wouldn’t even include just those who have voted against him. That total number of voters is around 126 million. As of 2017, that number doesn’t even represent “most” of the country’s population of 325 million.

So unless he’s speaking strictly of those who did not vote at all (he isn’t), then he’s including his own supporters in there as the “Americans who are fucking idiots.”

Don’t believe me?

Then comes the time during his campaign when he said, “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose voters.” He basically said straight up that it doesn’t matter what he does, because people would still back him up. I don’t know that I would support someone no matter what they did, let alone if they straight told me to my face, after implying that I was a “fucking idiot.”

“I could beat the shit out of my wife and she would stay with me.” Let me as a black man say something like that.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. I have this strange feeling I wouldn’t be given a pass.

Then there are times he calls Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” That’s something I would tell our son not to do. By the way, he’s 13.

Then when he said it “would be nice if NFL owners fired the sons of bitches” who LEGALLY protested. That goes against the Constitution, doesn’t it? And of all people, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES shouldn’t be advocate that private businesses fire people for exercising their First Amendment rights; you know, the SAME rights he has when he runs off at the mouth?

We all know what Trump said that day in 2005 with Billy Bush when he thought the mic was turned off (no, I didn’t forget) that was capped with “Grab her by the pussy.” That was dismissed as “locker room talk.”

Yes, that’s right. Boasting about treating women as objects because you’re a “star” and how you would just “kiss them without even asking,” among other things. And that is dismissed by the same people who objected to Michelle’s jokes, mainly because “every man talks like that.”

First off, no the hell we don’t.

Second, I’ve even had his female supporters, bless their hearts, call me “gay” because I don’t speak in that same manner.


So respecting women makes me a homosexual. Good to know.

Again, as a black man, let me show up at your house to pick up your daughter, talking like that and blasting rap music, since you know, that’s what we “all” listen to. I’m taking a wild guess that that wouldn’t be acceptable, either. But we’re supposed to be dumb enough to believe that what’s okay for Trump to do and say would be okay from others as well. Of course it isn’t.

And the list goes on.

So to hear people claim to be so “outraged” by Michelle’s jokes are jokes themselves. The people she roasted offend people ALL. THE. TIME.

Aren’t many of them the same ones who use the term “snowflakes” to symbolize offensiveness at this and that?

So wait…only they are allowed to be offended? I didn’t know that. It’s more “legitimate” when they are?


Of course no one can say the real reason they’re “offended” about Michelle Wolf. They have to attack her comedy and everything else, just like when anyone other than a white man says or does something.

But enough beating around bush here (or in the case of Trump in 2005, talking to one when thinking I’m not being recorded). People aren’t upset at Michelle’s routine.

I can guarantee that if another comedian spoke about the Obamas or the Clintons in the same exact manner, these same people wouldn’t be nearly as “offended.” They’ve already proven that as evidenced by all the “jokes” out there that DO exist on them that they’ve said next to nothing about.

But we were supposed to have forgotten those too.

Simply put, Trump and his ilk believe that women should be seen and not heard. Stay in the kitchen. Barefoot and pregnant. Basically, stay quiet unless a sexual favor or two is needed, with or without her consent. All that primitive nonsense that we thought we were FAR past in 2018.

TRUMP gets away with things because he’s a WHITE MALE.

NFL PLAYERS KNEELING can’t because they are NOT.

EMMA GONZALEZ can’t because she is NOT.

And now, we can add MICHELLE WOLF to that list.

It’s not about her routine.

It’s not about her jokes.

It’s not about her voice.

It’s not about being offensive.

For the millionth time in history, it is about nothing more than the fact that people still view women as beneath us as men.

And Michelle had the absolute gall to buck that and…speak her mind. You know, the same way many love for Trump to do.

But she isn’t a white man.

So as much as people try and philosophize, attack her craft, as clever as they are not being, this is the same song we’ve heard many times before. We know how this story goes.

Michelle Wolf was “wrong” for being a comedian.

She was “wrong” for telling jokes as comedians do.

She was “wrong” for doing what others have done before her, many times at these dinners.

She was “wrong” to be honest about the media.

She was “wrong” to roast Donald Trump and the others she went in on who grab pussies first, breathe second.

Most importantly…she was “wrong” for having the nerve to open her mouth when she didn’t get “permission” from…whoever, and then be bold enough to *gasp* SPEAK THE TRUTH.

Shame on you, Michelle.




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  1. Nellie Coker says:

    Will said. Fantastic blog.


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