#Trump Supporters: He’s Not “Beating” Us. He’s Beating You


Most of us have known about that abusive relationship where the man is the abuser. Whatever your feelings are about the woman and whether she was an “enabler,” whether she “brought it on herself,” or wherever you want to go with it, that isn’t even the main of point of this.

Sometimes, we’ve spoken up, either to the man or the woman to express our feelings about the abuse. The word “love” is sometimes thrown around, either by the man or the woman in justifying the abuse.

Even though I said this isn’t the point, I would like to believe that most of the time, it isn’t discovered or even thought of by the woman that the man would be abusive until well into the relationship. In other words, nothing is really known prior to the beginning of the relationship. So we have that instance, and we have this next one.

Ladies, if you went out on a date with a man and his first words to you were something like, “I could smack you around, beat you and rape you whenever I wanted and if you didn’t give it up, I would go out and get it elsewhere and guess what? You wouldn’t leave me even if I did all those things,” chances are, you would get up from the table and leave immediately. Right? I cannot imagine a woman in her right mind remaining on a date where a man says anything close to those things.

On January 23, 2016, during a campaign in Iowa, Donald Trump said this:

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

I’m aware that this was mainly to reference the loyalty of his fan base. But seriously, still, let me write that again:

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”


This man said that he could “shoot someone” on a MAJOR street in a MAJOR city and people would still support him.

Forget everything else he has ever said or done. I mean, those of us sane individuals cannot, but let’s just throw out everything else for the sake of this blog post.

He said that he could “shoot someone.”

SHOOT someone.

And people would still back him up.

Between my two examples above where a) a man isn’t discovered to be abusive until the relationship has progressed pretty far and b) a man tells you on the first date that he could do anything he wanted and you would still remain with him, which of these is closer to what Trump said?

Now before you self-proclaimed “intellects” or anyone else looking to check me tries to come on and say that that isn’t the same thing, it absolutely is the same. That isn’t up for debate as far as I am concerned.

For starters, you don’t have to like the comparison for it to be accurate. The point isn’t that Trump actually did the abusing in a relationship. I figured that part was pretty clear. No, it’s about the loyalty in both instances. That’s what Trump was referring to, just as that man who states on that first date that he could do whatever and the woman would never leave him. That is also referencing what he believes to be loyalty from the woman.

Both Trump and the openly-admitting abusive, cheating man are alluding to how loyal the people involved are to explain how just about anything can happen and they wouldn’t lose anyone.

Trump supporters, listen up.

That openly-admitting abusive, cheating man…THAT is the man you voted for.

The one who said he could absolutely anything and you would not leave him. Yep, that’s it.

And just like in that relationship, you think he’s playing those of who did NOT vote for him?


He’s playing YOU.

In terms of the abusive man, who does he abuse? Certainly not everyone who speaks up in defense of the woman. Nah…the woman gets it. The very one who defends him the most is the one who catches the worst of it.

For Donald Trump to say that he would still have your support even if he “shoots someone on Fifth Avenue” doesn’t say anything about those of us who chose not to vote for him, however much you may believe otherwise. No.

It says a lot about YOU.

It says a lot about how easy it is to brainwash you into voting for someone simply because you didn’t like the other person for whatever reason.

And what’s most amusing to me is that Trump didn’t even try to mask it in any way to at least try to not sound like he doesn’t care about his base. It would be like that abusive man who abuses his woman right in public. Not behind closed doors or at least to the degree of even pretending that it isn’t what he was doing; trying to disguise it in some way. Nope.

But then again, why should he? Why should Trump apologize or go back on anything he has ever said, to include the MANY lies he’s been caught in? After all, he made it abundantly clear that he never needs to, and why?



That’s it.

Before you come back with some variation of the ever-mature “libtard” or anything else of the sort, keep in mind that you are proving my point with just about anything you could think of to say. Seriously. Defending Trump is exactly what that woman does with that abusive man. So you would be doing exactly as I’m saying.

Also, save the talk on how “great” it is that Trump doesn’t care about being “politically correct” and gushing at the fact that he “tells it like it is.” Remember…that abusive woman does the same exact thing. She makes excuses and shapes the abuse to be acceptable.

Just like you’ve done for all this time.

And I won’t even entertain “But Hillary” and “But Obama” and “But <anyone>” comments. First off, because they would never do these things, but also because it has never been viable justification to do something just because someone else did it. Isn’t that the same thing we tell children? When a child says that they did something “because someone else did it,” that’s when we come back and say something like, “Well if Johnny jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” And that is for KIDS.

So how does a man in his 70’s get a pass for doing something just because someone else may have done it?

He was “just joking” or speaking “casually”? Nope. I don’t buy that one, either.

Let’s think about this for a second. He said he could shoot someone and you would still back him up.


Even if you want to boast about how confident he is, hell, there are all kinds of ways to express confidence and how you would keep voters without having to shoot anyone. Did he talk about how much better his foreign policy would be than Hillary’s in that part of the speech? No. Did he mention better tax plans or cuts than what she had planned? No. Did he express better plans to move forward as far as our military was concerned than what Mrs. Clinton had in mind?


He said that he “could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose voters.”

That doesn’t even speak to how he was a better candidate. That speaks to how gullible he thinks…no…how gullible he knows those who support him would be.

And save the lectures about loyalty. I’m a soon-to-be retired Army veteran of 21 years. I KNOW the meaning of loyalty better than most of you EVER could. And there are FAR more cordial ways to express loyalty than to dictate what all you could do without losing anyone.

I don’t figure this blog post will change anyone’s minds, which is okay. I’m loyal (there’s that word again) to the Constitution, meaning we are all free to think what we choose to think.

But what you all need to understand is that he is absolutely NOT “beating” us as those who did not vote for him. Just like that man who disrespects his woman in every way possible, you speak up to defend her and SHE is the one who gets the abuse later. Not you.

Speaking of which, many of us have also been there where the woman, despite all the evidence brought to her attention of how abusive the man is (even if the “evidence” is right there on her body in the form of bloody bruises and scars), still will cuss YOU out in defense of him. She treats you as though YOU are the enemy and not him. He has somehow convinced her that he isn’t doing a single thing to hurt her and that anyone who tries to tell her otherwise is lying in some way or against her.

That’s exactly what many of you do. Trump is abusing YOU and when we speak up, you retort to defend him in every way, shape and form, and this is again, after he said what?


That he could figuratively SMACK YOU AROUND and you would stay.

He wasn’t joking.

He wasn’t avoiding being “politically correct.”

He wasn’t speaking casually.

This wasn’t “locker room talk.”

He didn’t say this because some other presidential candidate did similar in the past.

He didn’t misspeak.

He wasn’t “misquoted.”

He said EXACTLY what he meant.

And again, he didn’t mention those against him when he said that. Nope…those who would not vote for him were never even brought up.

And why not?

Because was talking about YOU.

He made it clear that no matter what he does, you would vote for him.

And you did.

Trump made it clear that he could abuse you in any matter he chooses and YOU would still vote for him.

And you did.

That speaks more, NOT to how little he thinks about us…but how little he thinks about YOU.

Think about it.



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4 Responses to #Trump Supporters: He’s Not “Beating” Us. He’s Beating You

  1. Nellie Coker says:

    Well said and so true. I love all your blogs. Keep them coming.


  2. Pingback: #Trump Supporters: He’s Not “Beating” Us. He’s Beating You – Love on yourself

  3. Marilyn Kahlo-Burton says:

    Have been catching up on months of blog reading, that I’ve been too overwhelmed with all the other Trump disasters to get to. Just wanted to say that I love your writing as well as your views. I am ashamed at what you have been going thru. I hope that someday this horrendous thinking will stop. I will continue to speak out and you continue to be just who you are. Which seems pretty wonderful to me. I think you make amazing thoughts and share them in an extremely well thought out and kind way. Thank you for your service, and your family too, as they serve with you. And btw, I’m a Hillary voter too.


  4. Marilyn Kahlo-Burton says:

    Great post. Love the analogy of abuse to women, because so many women both voted for him and continue to support and defend him. Makes me wonder if many, many of these women actually are in abusive relationships and therefore have an affinity and identity for allying with men like Trump. And then of course, were “encouraged” to vote for Trump. Just thoughts. Again, thank you and your family for your many years of serving this country.


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