#BLM: White Folks, Here Is Why the Mentioning of the Inner City Crime Rate Exposes YOU More Than It Does Us


A police officer shoots an unarmed black man. We speak up about it.

Right away, some of you white folks come along and mention the crime rate in Chicago. Baltimore. Pretty much any inner city.

Which translates to “black-on-black” crime.

Why don’t we speak up more about that? Why aren’t we more outraged out it?

It is the same any time there’s the mention of NFL players kneeling to protest police brutality against blacks. Those of you white folks who hate to know this is happening come along and question why these players “don’t do more for their communities.”

Pretty much any time a black person speaks up about something a white person does, the “argument” (in quotes because it really isn’t one) references why more isn’t said about our own community.

To the white folks of whom it applies, let me help you out.

That thinking exposes YOU far more than it exposes us.

For starters, yes. We have a ton of problems in the black community. Crime is among the biggest ones. And yes, there isn’t a ton of speaking up about it. It is happening, but no, not at the rate that it should. So I suppose you have us there.

But wait…let’s continue. I mean, let’s go all the way with this.

The main reason for the lack of a response within the black community in reference to inner city crime is what most of us already know: The “snitching” rule. Yes, it’s stupid, but it’s also life (and death). Many are quiet because there are consequences to both the person and often family members if anyone “witnesses” something they “shouldn’t have.”

Now, for all you tough white folks out there who are “bosses” and all that on social media, let’s put one set of facts on the table.

Many of you don’t even have the guts to drive through the in the inner city, let alone live there. So while it may validate your lives to some degree to scrape up a mindless cheering section on a Facebook or Twitter post, the TRUTH is that if you did live in the inner city, the very crime that you are judging us for being hush-hush about would have YOUR mouth closed as well.

So yes, as you sit in the comforts of your suburban homes and on your smart phones trying to dictate how black people in the inner cities should live their lives, the truth is that if that were you, you wouldn’t do much different.

You want to prove me wrong? Take a video of yourself in the INNER CITY when you want to get on your high horse of telling black people to “go back to Africa” or wherever else. In fact, try that with Latinos also. Not in some suburb. Not on social media. The inner city. A crime-ridden latin area. The hood. Do all that to prove how “easy” it is to speak up about black-on-black crime. Show us how it’s done.

Yeah…I didn’t think so.

That’s what many of you fail to realize. You’re “asking” something you’re well-aware of the answer to if it were you.

But we knew that already.

Speaking of which, how come I don’t speak about “black-on-black crime”? Oh, but I did:


This is a post I wrote, titled, “So, I’m Simply Trying To Get In Good With White People? No. I’m Speaking The Truth About Our Community. It’s Not My Fault You Can’t Accept It” written on November 27, 2015.

I’m sorry, did you say something?

Didn’t think so.

Since all my blog posts can be found with a simple Google search, how many of you would have taken the time to use that same search that was used to find that “black-on-black crime” incident to find this one? Would you seriously try to look?

Of course you wouldn’t. Because that doesn’t fit your agenda. No, it is much easier to just keep assuming none of us speak about our own communities.

Well you know what “assuming” does.

And lastly…how often did  you speak about the crime in the inner city in favor of the victims BEFORE Trayvon Martin happened?

Let me say that again, since some of you will miss it. Prior to Trayvon Martin being murdered (yes, he was murdered; not up for debate), how often did you speak about crime in the inner city IN FAVOR OF THE VICTIMS?

That doesn’t mean when you do as you normally do and call everyone animals. When you call them niggers (yes, we know you still do this). When you say that you “don’t care if we all kill each other.” When you assume that every black person in the world is lazy, on welfare, or a deadbeat father. And the list goes on.

No. I’m talking about again, IN FAVOR OF THE VICTIMS.

So why do you care about the victims all of a sudden now?

The answer is simple.

You don’t.

The victims are nothing more than an arguing tool you use against black people who you can’t stand to see speak up about police brutality. Black people you can’t stand to speak the honest truth about certain white people AS THEY ARE. Black people you can’t stand to hear use the word “racist.” Black people you can’t stand to see protest pretty much anything. Black people you can’t stand to see take a knee prior to entertainment during a period you wouldn’t be watching anyway.

You couldn’t care less about the victims of inner city crime. That’s why it’s never mentioned until you’re trying to argue with someone.

Then again…people actually do speak up about inner city crime. That same Google search I mentioned above would easily show you that.

Those of you who half-ass question why the kneeling NFL players do not “do more for their communities,” guess what? They do. All the time. That same Google search…

But oh, right…that doesn’t fit your agenda. Hurts your “argument.” Doesn’t allow for your simple and likeminded friends to “like” all your posts and give you the “RA! RA! RA!” that validates your life.

But we already knew that.

So when you choose to question why black people “don’t do” this and that, all because we speak up against a white person who does us wrong, it’s not because you actually give a damn.

It’s because you want to argue.

But what this does is expose YOU for the inconsiderate and selfish person you are.

Because what you are NOT saying in all this is that the white person was right. Oh, some of you try and fail miserably. But most of the time, there isn’t much in support of the white person/cop that is legitimate. So even you can’t say they were okay in what they did.

THAT is the whole point.

So resorting to “why we didn’t say this about something else” is merely to deflect.

But we already knew that.

If that is too theoretical to accept, then let’s go this way. Imagine a black man setting a house on fire. Then a white man comes along to set it on fire and black people raise hell. You assume that the same black people raising hell NEVER said anything about the black arsonist. Strike one.

Then, you either make an excuse or justify the white man who did it. Strike two.

OR, you question why there is outrage against the white arsonist and none against the black man, while at the same time, never once saying that the white man was okay in what he did.

Strike three.

No, not every black person in the country speaks up about our community.

But whether or not we speak up does NOT justify a white person’s behavior when we are mistreated. They are two separate issues entirely.

That would be like if you had two children. One children didn’t brush his or her teeth before going to bed. You get on that child and they say, “But they didn’t do their homework last week!”

A little silly, right? What does one have to do with the other?

Because think about it…if all it took to let someone off the hook was the fact that someone did it or something else before them, then no one would EVER be held responsible for his or her actions.

(Take notes, Trump supporters)

How often have you participated in protests WITH us to fight the crime in our communities?

You haven’t.

How often have you cared about victims of black violence WITHOUT questioning why we “don’t say more about it”?

You haven’t.

How often have you contacted an NFL player to ask how you can assist them with the work they do within our communities?

You haven’t.

How often have you denounced when a white cop or person in general exhibits racism?

You haven’t.

How many vigils, memorials, or funerals have you attended of a victim of black-on-black violence?


So you don’t get to question why we “don’t say more” about a community that under just about every other circumstance when you are NOT trying to argue with us, you couldn’t care less about.

Then again, feel free to continue doing so, if you need social media friends that badly. Because once again…all it does is expose you for the person who YOU are.

NOT us.

You’re playing right into our hands.


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