“Just To Piss Dems Off!” – The Mantra of The #Trump Supporter

I saw this tweet early yesterday afternoon. In case you cannot tell, this is in response to a tweet about Dallas police officer Amber Guyger who shot and killed Botham Jean in his own apartment last week. Jean was a black man; Guyger is white. Her initial story was that she “mistook” his apartment for hers after a 15-hour shift.

Guyger’s story has changed at least four or five times. She is guilty. Period. I don’t think I’m making some enormous revelation in saying that. So we move on.

I’ll cut to the chase.

People say that often, they respect their enemies more than their own friends, because with enemies, you know exactly where they are coming from. There is no hiding or disguising how they feel. In a world where everybody claims to be SO “real,” many of us can agree that we don’t get that from our friends nearly as often as we would like to, other than when some just choose to be nasty to us. Sure, they may say that they are “just telling us the truth,” but the truth includes the good as well, and somehow, they keep leaving that part out. But let me get back on track.

Roughly 62.9 million people voted for Donald Trump. Now I fail to believe that that many people actually support him, everything he says and everything he stands for.

Among his childish tweets, his racist, misogynistic behavior and his pathological lying, he has made it abundantly clear as to who he is. The funny thing about his lying on top of the fact that he’s gotten caught many times is the fact that it’s not even good lying. It’s not something thought up that needs a year or two to be figured out.

No, he’s that burglar who wears the clear mask so you can know exactly who he is. He climbs through your living room window as you’re sitting and watching television with all your lights still on. He rummages through your things and does so in such a clumsy, laughable way that you almost feel sorry for him. You even hand him a bag to help him gather up your things. You start telling him where stuff is. Then by the time he gets to the door, of course, you’ve called the police by then, so when the police show up, he will simply say “I didn’t do it” or that it “wasn’t him.”

Which reminds me of something else. Singer Shaggy released a song in 2000, titled, “It Wasn’t Me.” If you’ve never heard it before, the premise is simply that he is asking a friend for advice when his girlfriend caught him cheating. His friend simply encourages him to repeatedly just say “It Wasn’t Me.” What’s especially funny about the song is that in the chorus, Shaggy expresses all the many ways she caught him, from being on camera, in different areas of the house and even yes, with her own eyes, as he forgot that he had given her a key to his apartment. Yet the friend just continues to repeat for him to say “It Wasn’t Me.”

Donald Trump has played the “It Wasn’t Me” game for just about his entire presidency.

People have said that Donald Trump is the “lesser of two evils” as far as the election was concerned. But then again, that isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s like if a woman had the choice between a physically abusive man, or one who habitually cheats. She won’t be okay with either one of them, but if they were her only choices, then she might choose the “lesser of two evils” and pick one.

So it isn’t like people actually support Donald Trump. But because you also dislike/hate Hillary Clinton and democrats in general, you “proudly” voted for Trump. No way in hell 62.9 million are okay with him.

There are people in there who are in the “lesser of two evils” category. People in there who again, don’t like democrats and would vote for anyone as long as it wasn’t Clinton. There are people who are mad at her husband. There are, yes, those who actually believe in him (I cannot fathom why).

And then there are people like the one in this tweet.

Now I mentioned above about “respecting” enemies. Don’t get me wrong; this is NOT the same “respect” in the sense as I would respect my significant other or my parents. No, this character doesn’t come close to deserving any of that.

But this person clearly states that they do NOT dispute the guilt of the Dallas police officer. But they want her to “walk free just to piss off” certain people.


So this person is dead ass wrong, and let’s forget how much more damage she could cause in a police uniform should she walk free. Nah, let’s just focus our attention more on making people angry. Let’s allow her to be found innocent because we hate a group of people more than we care about justice.


This person here is clearly a troll. That’s why I have the name blocked out. But I’ve heard people actually say this before. Sure, a few try to spit out the same stuff Trump has said himself with zero proof, but for the most part, many will continue to support him for NO reason other than to piss off those who are against him. I’ve heard people say they will vote for him again for the same reason.

I know many have claimed basically the same stuff he has again, with no proof whatsoever. These are what people use in arguments against those who do not support him, but again, as he is NOT a good liar, those claims are often debunked pretty quickly.

But this is where we are as a country right now. It isn’t even about right and wrong. It’s about “right” and “left.” People are okay with folks being totally despicable human beings “because it will piss off those on the left.” Yes, black men can be shot and killed in their own apartments, black people (to include CHILDREN) can have the police called on them for silly reasons, unarmed black men can be shot in the back, Latinos and Latinas can be harassed in parks, White Supremacists can protest hate openly, migrant children can be torn from families and placed in what resemble concentration camps as they are assaulted in all kinds of ways and traumatized for life, white males can commit mass shootings to the public and even in schools, and the list goes on.

And there are abhorrent individuals like this who are okay with all that stuff and why?

Not because there is some deep, logical reasoning that expresses a mature level of disagreement as factual elements of stories are revealed to provide a deeper understanding of particular societal issues that need to be addressed on a national scale.


But because it will “piss people off.”


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