#DonaldTrump: This Veteran Has Had Enough of Your Shit

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Dear Donald Trump,

I have had enough of your shit.

You are an embarrassment. A disgrace. A sorry excuse for a human being. Not just a sorry excuse for a “president.” Not just a sorry excuse for a “man.” A sorry excuse for human being.

I recently retired after 21 years of active duty Army service. Now I know your cult followers are going to see my picture and because I’m a black man, have everything to say that points to that. Guess what?

I could not care less.

Hell at this point, it would not surprise me if you and they questioned my military service, calling it that idiotic “Fake News,” even though I have a retirement certificate upstairs with your tired excuse of a garbage signature on it.

Don’t care.

Since I’m likely going to be judged anyway, there’s no point in mincing words. If folks will judge me for DARING to speak up against their precious, Cheetoh-stained, “messiah,” especially as a black man in this country, I see no need to tiptoe around anything or to be “civil.”

You are an embarrassment for this country. Period. I could end this right at that, but I will continue. There are so many abhorrent, idiotic and disgraceful things you have said and done that I don’t even know where to start.

But in questioning the death toll of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria; that was it for me.

Now it’s bad enough that after it happened, you had the nerve to show up and throw paper towels at them like they’re dogs. These are AMERICAN CITIZENS. Show me where you did that following Hurricane Harvey. Let’s see you do this now after Hurricane Florence.

Paper freaking towels. They just suffered through a massive hurricane with tons of damage and you throw paper towels at them. What the hell was paper towels supposed to do? And here I thought cleanup efforts took a little more than that. But nope. All we need are paper towels.

What the hell is next? You’ll come to the midwest following a massive tornado and pass out sticks of chewing gum? California just had another earthquake a few weeks ago. How about going there to pass out those half-the-time-not-working airline headphones?

But the paper towels isn’t even the worst part. You recently came out to say that the death toll of nearly 3,000 is a number “made up by Democrats to make you look bad.” And you said this is because when you left following the hurricane, the number was between 6 and 18, and over the course of several months, it “magically” made its way up to 3,000.

Are you freaking kidding me?

I can explain what the phrase death toll means to my 10-year-old daughter and she would understand it. So the sorry excuse for an individual who calls himself the President of the United States, not to mention a damn supposedly grown man, shouldn’t have an issue with getting this. That means the number will likely continue to grow. People don’t stop dying just because you leave. Damn near every hurricane or other natural disaster we’ve had in our history would sadly see people die in the aftermath. That means that if some fool shows up, gets the number of casualties and then leaves, there’s a good chance the number will increase after that fool departs.

In this case, you are said fool.

By that logic, if you go to a hospital in which someone has cancer and that person is alive when you leave, that would mean the person passing away after you’ve left surely would not have died from the cancer.

Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

And the issues that Puerto Rico have had since Hurricane Maria are not “magically” out of nowhere. People have been talking about it EVER SINCE IT HAPPENED. You and your cult followers have been ignoring it. But the majority of the country has not. Power was only completely restored within the past month.

Even if you felt the numbers were inaccurate, then you as the president should express that in a MUCH more mature fashion than to just say Democrats “made it up.” Not to mention, people still died. This isn’t the time for you to pout, kick your feet, throw a tantrum and talk about how everyone has it out for you. That’s what a child does. I would not tolerate my children doing that. Damned if that should be happening from the President of the United States.

But to show that level of disrespect to those who have died is again, absolutely disgraceful and an embarrassment. I don’t care what issues you have with their governor. She is not making you say and do what you do.

And let’s not even talk about corruption. We are the LAST country that talk about some other government being corrupt.

You come out all day and night with nonsense that you can’t even come close to proving, especially figures that make you look good, such as the unemployment rate for people of color and women, yet you squawk “Fake News” about all the stuff in which a ton of proof exists.

Speaking of corruption, you are in bed with Russia more often than you are with Melania.

And that is a damn shame.

Not that those of us with good sense did not already know that Russia had been interfering with our election process, but when you and him sat down together and on camera, that would have been the PERFECT time to call him out on it and tell him that enough was enough. That it would be tolerated NO MORE. All that boldness and fire that you show when NFL players take a knee, when people are throwing your press secretary out of restaurants, when Saturday Night Live does a skit about you, when Democrats do, hell, anything…THAT would have been the best time to show that same, if not more, to Vladimir Putin, since we all already know he’s responsible. I’m sure some of us would have even developed an ounce of respect for you had you done that. I know I would have.

But what do you do? Instead of that, you sit there like a child about piss his pants after his father walks into the room, holding a belt as though you were about to get your ass whooped. Then you just take his word for it that they did not meddle in our elections, even though proof exists.

And the BEST you could do is claim you “misspoke” after you returned to the United States, along with saying that “other countries” could have interfered in our elections as well. That is about the saddest, most pathetic display of anything I have seen in my life, especially coming from someone who boasts about not being politically correct and again, not hesitating to speak up when people of color do things here, which by the way, include legal protesting that’s protected by the Constitution.

You have more harsh words to say about our own people exercising Constitutional rights than a foreign, murderous dictator who has meddled in our elections. Not that Melania is missing you, I’m sure, but for you to cozy up with Putin with those lovey dovey closed-door meetings is asinine. We all know what they’re for. And to think people have forgotten or will forget is laughable.

Migrant children are still missing and separated from their parents. Thousands of them and many are God-knows-where. That is unacceptable and YOU are responsible. YOU need to fix this.


Not Obama.

Not Hillary.

Not the Boogey Man.

Not Tyrone’s third cousin twice removed from his great aunt’s stepson’s niece’s half-sister’s boyfriend.


I don’t want to hear about how we are separated from our children being the military or when people go to prison. Children are NOT taken and locked up when that happens. So you and your cult followers need to stop deflecting. YOU are in the driver’s seat now. YOU need to get your act together and do what is right.

Stop sitting your ass on Twitter and firing up your followers. That’s all you are doing. The nature of the tweets are nothing more than to dangle their puppet strings and like the mindless puppets they are, they just go for it; most of the time, having no clue as to even why they are. They’re just repeating the same idiotic bullshit that comes out of your mouth.

Last, but not least, I’ve come across quite a few people who are concerned about doing everyday activities because now, your cult followers have become more comfortable in harassing us, meaning people of color. Videos are all over the place of black people having the police called on them for no reason, being harassed by the police for doing nothing wrong, Latinos being threatened that immigration will be called on them (even though some are from Puerto Rico that HELLO, is part of the United States and some idiots are still not getting that), along with this recent story of the Dallas police officer breaking into a black man’s apartment, shooting and killing him, as she first claimed she thought the apartment was hers, but that lie, along with the many others afterward, have completely fallen apart.

Even though you may not have directly said for people to do this, THIS IS HAPPENING BECAUSE PEOPLE FEEL YOU FIND THIS ACCEPTABLE. There is absolutely no other explanation for it, especially when you still cannot even get off the golf course or Twitter long enough to denounce when these things happen.

How hard is it to say that racism is wrong? How difficult is it to say that you as the PRESIDENT will not tolerate this level of racism toward people of color?

Like most of the damn country, I have had enough. I absolutely refuse to be afraid to go outside and do my everyday activities because people are all of a sudden bold enough to be open and blatantly racist. YOU are responsible for that. I don’t want to hear how Obama did this or Hillary did that. As much as Russia helped out, YOU are there now. This stuff happens because YOU allow it to. You are catering to your base and all that is doing is encouraging people to do what is flat-out illegal.

I don’t know what the hell your problem is, but this is NOT the 1950’s and 1960’sPeople of color are NOT going away. We are NOT going to just sit by and put up with this shit. Not from you. Not from anyone. Back then, it was more rare for folks of color to speak up and more often than not, it was mostly only people of color who did so. Now the MAJORITY OF THE COUNTRY is speaking up against your bullshit.

You can call it “Fake News” all you want. You can call me a “son of a bitch” and all the other predictable shit that neither you nor your followers realize I’ve heard a bunch of times already. You can tell me to “leave the country” also.

But again, I’ve served this country for 21 years, which is 21 years more than you have. And I’ll be damned if you, your sorry followers or your paid Russian social media bots are going to try and MAKE me do anything. I did NOT serve my country for all these years just so a jackass could Russian-screw and broke Electoral College his way into the White House to try and take my rights and life away just because I don’t have lily white skin. You must have lost your damn minds.

Because at the end of the day, it isn’t just me. There are FAR more of us than you. That is a fact.

And we are ALL sick of your shit.

Get it together. Or we’ll get it together for you during the midterm elections and in 2020.

THAT is a promise.

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