#VOTE: Don’t Give the #GOP, #Trump and His Supporters What They Want



Imagine a crowd of people. It could be a crowd as small as 1000 or as a large as a football stadium, which typically holds anywhere from 60,000-70,000 folks; even more.

Let’s say one person claps. Of course, very few people will hear that clap; mainly just those around that individual. Some will have absolutely no idea that anyone is even clapping.

Now, let’s say EVERYONE claps. We’ve all heard the sound of a crowd cheering, even if clapping is all they are doing. We know how 1,000 folks clapping can be, but for those of us who have been able to attend sporting events, WOW…there is nothing like the sound of everyone collectively clapping.

Here’s the interesting part of that, though. Nothing really different is happening with the crowd of people. That huge sound is not much more than a collection of INDIVIDUALS clapping. Some may be clapping louder and harder than others, but by themselves, it still would be tough to hear. However, everyone choosing to clap, as quiet as it would be alone in comparison, is the reason these crowds sound the way they do, once everyone is doing so together.

In short, every individual person has to make the decision to clap in order for crowds like that to sound the way they do.

Think of voting in the same manner.

Yes, I know…you’re wondering how your one vote could make a difference. Well think back to that stadium crowd. If everyone there said, “I won’t bother clapping. My one pair of hands won’t make a difference,” then we would never have the good fortune of experiencing the sound of everyone collectively cheering. The athletes were are cheering for would not, either.

Not to mention the man (and I use that term very loosely) in the White House right now. I have never in my life seen a bigger reason to get out there and register to vote.


There are actually people out there who do not know that you must register to vote before being able to do so. If you don’t know how to register, it’s easy. Just go to this website:


The biggest argument I’ve heard against voting is this past election. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, yet because of the outdated Electoral College system, Donald Trump ended up winning.

This is not the first time this has happened, where a candidate wins the popular vote but still loses the election. But the nearly 3 million popular votes is by far the largest margin in which a candidate has still lost the election.

Make no mistake; we the people have spoken. We elected Mrs. Clinton. A broken system elected Trump. And you know that if it were the other way around, Trump supporters would be saying the same exact thing. Hell, they prove that every time Trump gets caught up in something (which is damn near every day) and they have to resort to what Obama and Clinton did in the past as a defense. So we don’t need to waste more time with that one.

The GOP (Republicans), Donald Trump and his blind, cult-like supporters would love nothing more than for something like this to discourage people from voting. After all, think again back to the crowd at the sporting event. If your team is constantly winning, it’s so much easier to continue attending games as opposed to if they’re losing, right? The discouragement from losing would make anyone choose not to go. Not to mention if it’s your very first game. That first impression is a monster. I’ve heard many people, after attending a single game in which their team lost, say that they would not go to games anymore.

But that absolutely CANNOT happen here. That is exactly what they want.

It will be easy for Trump supporters to get back out to vote, because they truly feel they “won” this last time. So they will.

But the rest of us have to get out there and JUST DO IT. That’s it.

I don’t imagine that many people who love Trump are the ones discouraged about voting. In fact, I found it interesting that through the entire election process, Trump squawked about how the election was “rigged” (assuming Clinton would win), yet as soon as he won, all the talk about that from him and his group stopped cold.

Ah, but he was correct. The election was absolutely rigged. I won’t mention any names, but it’s almost time for church and I don’t need to be Russian through this. So let me wrap things up.

If you are discouraged, I understand. I don’t blame you. It feels like a complete waste of time if we are still utilizing a system that could easily disregard those who do get out there and actually place votes. Especially after this past election, where a FEW MILLION MORE people voted for the person who did not win the election.

But PLEASE…keep your heads up.

If someone smacks you once, would you just run the other way? Most of us would not. We would fight back.

We need to consider this past election as nothing more than a “smack.” After all, again…this is the first time someone who has won the popular vote by such a large margin still lost the election. So though it has happened in the past, it hasn’t happened that often. Out of our country’s 45 presidents (and referring to Trump as a “president” is a bit of a stretch for many of us, but I digress), only FIVE times has the winner of the election lost the popular vote. So that averages out to roughly one out of every NINE presidents. A new presidential election happens every four years.

I would say that makes it well-worth it. The odds are in OUR favor. This isn’t something that historically at least, will continue to happen.

And please don’t be discouraged by those who try and proclaim Trump as the winner in 2020. Ignore all that noise. Even Trump himself implied that if Democrats win the mid-term elections that “violence” would ensue. Please do not listen to that. Trump is only saying that because he knows it’s a wrap for him if the Democrats do win, and he’s getting desperate.

After all, if everything is legit, why would he need to say all that? Personally, if I just knew I would slam-dunk an election, I would just chill. All day. But he’s knows the deal. So do his supporters. So do we.

Trump and his supporters know that if people got out there and vote, especially considering how things look today, they would get their asses handed to them. Of course they would try anything and everything to discourage people from voting.

So again, PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE. I don’t mean by 2020, I mean NOW. In time for THIS YEAR’S MID-TERM ELECTIONS.

Donald Trump has made racists comfortable in harassing people of color, whether they are just random folks on the street or police officers. Black people (to include CHILDREN) are having the police called on them for no good reason. Latinos are damn near all being accused of being here illegally, including those from Puerto Rico.

No, I’m not kidding. My girlfriend is Puerto Rican, but she was born in New York, of course here in the U.S., as is the case with MANY Latin folks, even those with Mexican roots. But some white folks see brown skin and this is their go-to move, as idiotic as it is.

I guarantee that NONE of this happens had Donald Trump not become president and make it more than clear that he accepts this behavior. Same with white supremacists. I don’t know why it’s so hard to say that racism is wrong. But then again, considering those who struggle so much to say it, especially in favor of people of color, I think I have my answer.

Those reasons alone are why we absolutely MUST vote. Under NO circumstances can this happen again. I know there are MANY people who haven’t voted in the past and will now. Even those who once voted Republican have switched. Much love to you all.

But for those who are having a tough time, again…I understand and don’t blame you. Just keep in mind that in order to make that lovely sound that happens in a crowded stadium when everyone is cheering, that is absolutely NOT possible if YOU don’t make the decision to clap.

We need you.

The COUNTRY needs you.

Please clap.


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2 Responses to #VOTE: Don’t Give the #GOP, #Trump and His Supporters What They Want

  1. I can’t wait to vote and I pray others will too. We want change then we need to fight back with our votes. All votes count.


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