#KavanaughHearings: White Male Privilege Strikes Again

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Yep…here we go again.

No, I’m not talking about “here we go again” as far as a black man bringing up race. So white fragility has no place here. That means if it annoys you that I’m on this again, that sounds like a personal problem.

I don’t have specific numbers, but I think it’s safe to say that most of the country watched the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings. (And yes, I put “Ford” first because Kavanaugh has likely gotten used to being “first” for just about his entire life.)

This truly is not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is guilty. I could write an entirely different blog post about that. As the title suggests, this is about the reaction by much of the country in their efforts to support him.

At this moment, I am not interested in those of you who say you believe him. Who I am interested in, is those of you who say that you support him “no matter what.”

That’s right.


It is either that, or those of you who believe that, because this allegedly happened a long time ago, “even if he did it,” that it should not ruin his life today.


So there is absolutely NO line that this man could cross that would even cause you to think twice.


I’ve extensively looked at a lot of responses to the hearings, especially again, from those who don’t seem to be phased even if Kavanaugh did do what he is being accused of. What I find especially interesting is how many of those same people likely believe that Colin Kaepernick deserved to lose his NFL job over exercising his right to Freedom of Speech.

Again…this is only if Kavanaugh is guilty and for those of you who would support him “no matter what.”

So let me get this straight…Kavanaugh could have sexually assaulted someone, which is illegal (not mention vile, abhorrent, disgusting and every other appropriate superlative here), and you would still support him in being a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, but Kaepernick exercises his Freedom of Speech, which is NOT illegal (covered in the Constitution) and he deserves to lose his job?

Don’t come back at me with the usual stuff, such as:

“He’s disrespecting the troops!” (I’m a 21-year veteran. No he’s not)

“He’s disrespecting the flag!” (No he’s not)

“He’s a lousy quarterback!” (So are damn near half the starting quarterbacks in the league right now)

“He needs to be thankful he lives in a country that lets him play football!” (If my hometown Ravens said I could play quarterback, that’s “letting” me play. Those who make it into the NFL work extremely hard to get there, whether you “like” football or not. No one is “letting” them play. They’ve EARNED the privilege of doing so)

“He should protest on his own time!” (That wouldn’t be a protest then, genius)

And the tired list goes on.

Those ships have sailed.

Save it.

This is about Kaepernick doing something that is NOT ILLEGAL over someone who allegedly did, and you all feeling as though he deserves a harsher punishment because of it.

White Male Privilege strikes again.

I’m not about to mince words here. Even if Senator Lindsey Graham wants to “scold” me for speaking out of turn and wag his Ben-Gay scented finger at me, the truth will still be spoken.

Again, for the “No matter what” crowd…so you can forgive Kavanaugh for doing something that, without question, scarred and/or traumatized someone for life, but you cannot forgive someone who exercised Constitutional rights that did not scar or traumatize anyone?

Sexual assault scars people for LIFE.

Kneeling during the National Anthem merely pissed you off for like 30 seconds.

For some people, yes…a person of color standing up for him or herself, along with standing up for the rest of our community just might be a traumatic event in the minds of some. When you are used to being superior, then the mere uttering of “equality” by anyone would make you feel as if you are oppressed.

Because now, OH MY GOD…you might have to be on the same level as the rest of us.

How utterly horrible.

This is about race. Pure and simple.

I don’t look at the fact that people simply do not agree with Kaepernick, or believe Judge Kavanaugh to be innocent. No, it’s far deeper than that.

I look at the tone and the nature of the responses. Many are not simply stating disagreement with Kaepernick or agreement with Kavanaugh. The extremes of how much you expressed hate for Kaepernick or wanted to show your support for Kavanaugh is the disturbing part. That became the case the minute you wanted to say “No. Matter. What.”

And that is “no matter if” he did something not only illegal, but traumatizing to another human being.

With Kaepernick, people have called him a “piece of shit.” They have said he should “leave the country if he doesn’t like it here.” Even President Donald Duck (I mean, Trump) said that the NFL should “fire the sons of bitches” for kneeling.

Again…that is with him doing something that is NOT illegal and traumatized absolutely NO ONE.

Now…I wasn’t the best history student when I went to school, but I’m pretty sure that someone who works within the government suggesting that one should lose his job for exercising a Constitutional right just might not be the most appropriate action coming from that person. I’m taking a wild guess that that was the whole purpose of the Constitution…so that the government doesn’t punish or suggest punishment for those who exercise the rights within it.

As much as I love the NFL, they do not impact lives nearly in such a manner as the Supreme Court does. They’re on different levels. One is strictly meant for entertainment and the other is not.

Oh, and let’s not forget the infamous “burn-all-your-shit-after-you-already-paid-for-it” boycott of Nike. So on top of the “piece of shit” Kaepernick deserving to lose his job for exercising a Constitutional right, you feel a company deserves to fail for supporting said person who was exercising a Constitutional right, which also, is NOT illegal.

Nike stock is at the highest it has ever been, by the way. Just thought you would like to know that. You’re welcome.

But Judge Kavanaugh, upon the possibility that he did something grossly illegal and providing a lifetime of traumatic pain and suffering to someone (maybe more than one), deserves to be placed in a position where he is in many cases, DIRECTLY responsible to affect MANY lives?

You’re okay with the one who did something illegal over the one who did not?


That sounds about white.



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