#DonaldTrump: Here Is Why There Is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON Left To Support Him


“I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose voters!

Yes, Donald Trump said this. At a campaign rally in Iowa back in January 2016.

Now I thought this would be enough to get people to think twice about actually voting for him. I don’t care about your “hate” for Hillary Clinton. Anyone who implies that I am stupid enough to vote for him “no matter what he does” has just lost my vote. That would be like if a single man ran around saying that he was such a catch that he could walk up to women, smack them and they would still go out with him. Ladies, you wouldn’t accept that, right?

No, Trumpettes…not talking about Trump here. I’m meaning some random dude.

I get how politics works. Your party can do no wrong. I understand completely. I don’t have to agree with it to at least get the concept. However, of all the horrible things Trump has done and said over the last two years in office and during his campaigning, such as supporting his statement of “grabbing women by the pussy,” encouraging violence against the media, NOT denouncing White Supremacy, his excessive tweeting, his gross lack of respect for women, his lying, his lying and yeah…his LYING…and with all that not being enough of reasons to no longer support him, what he said on the day after the midterms should be it. This was part of the press conference he held, in response to one reporter’s question:


Not as though everything else wasn’t bad enough, but I cannot even imagine how this could come out of his mouth just that easily. On camera, in front of a bunch of reporters and most of the country. I don’t believe anyone with good sense didn’t already know this was his mindset, but my goodness…this isn’t something you say out loud. That’s like criminals running around and announcing all the crimes they’re about to commit.

However, if there was even a shred of a reason to continue supporting him, this should have taken that away. He stated, without even blinking, that IF problems happen, he will just blame the other side. He isn’t talking about a specific problem in which he can provide at least some form of evidence that could implicate the Democrats in the House. No, he’s just going to state RIGHT NOW, that he will just “blame them because they’re the majority.”

There are far too many Trump supporters out there. WAY too many. And by now, that’s your man. Got it.



That isn’t up for debate. When you determine ahead of time that you will just blame the other side “because it’ll be easier for you” even before any specific problem surfaces, you have no intent but to continue to rile up your base by feeding them the same garbage you have over the last three years. (Yes, three, because we’re counting the time he has campaigned as well). And you have absolutely NO desire to work with anyone.

At this point, if you continue to support this “president,” it would be for absolutely NO reason other than because you think it pisses off liberals, that you are too proud to “turn back” now, that in your twisted mind, you actually find this acceptable, that you believe that this is “God’s plan” (laughable), or you are simply brainwashed.

And that wasn’t all. Trump even implied that Republicans are not to cross him also. Basically, even his own party is wrong for not bowing down to him. So for those who support him, it amazes me how he is basically bitch-slapping you all over the place, but to “stick it to liberals,” you continue to support him. That’s like drinking bleach and thinking Democrats are supposed to die from it. Nonsense.

Seriously, the brainwashing is just embarrassing, especially coming from adults. One former FB “friend” practically worships him as well, saying that Trump does and says all that is in line with God’s plan. She even dragged her husband (likely kicking and screaming) and they forced videos to declare continued support of him, of course, using God for most of it. It was clear that she was simply trying to get a rise out of my girlfriend, Nellie, and I, since we did certain videos first and they pathetically copied us. This woman and her husband weren’t even original. Seriously. It was painful watching her husband try so hard to force dialogue that she likely made him do in order to “clap back” at us because she wants to declare her support for Donald Trump as she thought it would “hurt” us in some way. Even using M+M’s to prove her point, because supposedly she heard there were more red than blue in most packages. Red, of course, to symbolize Republicans and blue for Democrats.

Now that’s desperate.

Anytime you need to use candy to support why it makes sense to vote someone into political office, that is just plain ridiculous. Or “peanut” ridiculous, depending what type of M+M’s you like.

What makes matter even more laughable is the fact that she is Puerto Rican (born in and living in New York). Now I don’t at all say that people of color should automatically be against Donald Trump just because, but come on…he has made it more than clear as to how he feels about us. He is on video following Hurricane Maria and he is throwing rolls of paper towels at OUR (yes, AMERICAN) citizens there, expecting the people to fetch them like dogs. Now if one is okay with that, more power to them. But it was embarrassing to watch. Even more embarrassing that someone who could so easily be living right back there isn’t even wise enough to realize that that could be her or family members.

But no…keep trying to “teach us” something with your embarrassing videos, your husband who couldn’t get off camera fast enough and forced dialogue. Please. They were almost as bad as those low-budget used car commercials.

That is the level of brainwashing that has taken place here, despite how often people like this try to claim otherwise. But she has proven what many other Trump supporters have as well…that you can’t even give an extensive list of what he has done to justify your support of him. You’re just there because you feel like you need to be. You want to “win” against those of us who are against him.


Of course, this being America and all, everyone has the right to vote for who they choose without explanation. Absolutely.

But when someone flat-out says that he plans to blame the other side if problems occur, even before they happen, there is absolutely NO reason any sane person would continue to support him. At all. Without a doubt, that says that he has NO desire to work with anyone, to at least attempt to get along, nor a desire to reach resolutions. I’ve heard of people pointing fingers after the fact, but LONG before?

I’m not sure the leader of the free world, supposedly OUR “leader,” should be stating that he would be the first to jump ship as soon as things go awry with the country HE is supposed to be in charge of. That would be like if someone was driving you somewhere in a vehicle you were not licensed to drive, engine trouble occurred, and rather than try to assist you to get some kind of help, that person would just blame everything on the dealership, the manufacturer, and then just leave you in the car and walk off.

Now if you would not be comfortable with that and we’re talking about a vehicle, why would you be okay with that coming from the President of the United States?

(some genius is out there thinking, “Well good thing I know how to fix vehicles!” You totally missed the point. Have a seat.)

Then again, imagine if President Obama said that he “would just blame Republicans” for problems that hadn’t occurred yet.

Then again, he wouldn’t. That’s the end of that.

The point is, everyone should have a line that shouldn’t be crossed. For Donald Trump to say that he doesn’t even plan on trying to keep things together in his remaining time in office upon problems, there is absolutely NO reason it would make logical sense to continue supporting him.

Think about it. He is telling YOU that you’re on your own. That same vehicle I mentioned above catches on fire and YOU are not his first priority. But determining who to blame, is.

How can you still support that?

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