#GoFundMe: Now We’re Doing This For The Government Too?


As much as I’m fine doing without seeing the president’s face on a regular basis, let alone when I’m writing another blog post about him, I especially appreciate this picture, because it epitomizes just what he thinks of the American people, especially those who voted for him.

After all, he was the one who said, “I COULD SHOOT SOMEONE ON FIFTH AVENUE AND NOT LOSE VOTERS,” as it baffles me as to why people still have not figured out that that is NOT a compliment or some testament to their loyalty.

It’s Trump calling you stupid, weak an gullible RIGHT. TO. YOUR. FACES.

But sure…keeping telling liberals how “tough” he is and how much he (and you, laughably) are “winning” against them.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have not followed the news, let me bring you up to speed. A GoFundMe page has been set up to fund the border wall separating us and Mexico.

That’s right. The same wall Trump said multiple times that Mexico would be paying for is now being funded by, big surprise…WE THE PEOPLE.

(Well, technically not “we,” as those of us with a backbone and who are NOT brainwashed would not dare put our hard-earned money toward this nonsense.)

Aside from this being simply asinine and embarrassing, the problem is that his supporters don’t even get what kind of precedence this sets, not to mention, how gullible one has to be not to realize what exactly is happening here.

For starters, we should not have to pay more for something like this. Ever. As if we don’t pay enough in BS taxes already, to decide to throw more money into something that is absolutely, positively, 100% the government’s responsibility, is ludicrous. There is no justification for that. None.

And what is this for, again? A border wall? Has anyone paid attention to how people are getting here from Mexico? Here’s a hint: a wall isn’t going to stop them and all the different ways they are getting here.

The point is that Trump squawked about this in the beginning and because he knows his days are numbered, with all the indictments (meaning he will NOT last until 2020), he has to continue pushing that until it happens, however it will happen.

A veteran by the name of Brian Kolfage is the person who started this fundraiser. While this is not the first time donations will potentially be accepted by the government to handle government responsibilities, this is the by far, the first time that our president has held the government hostage by threatening to shut down the government if they do not fund this wall.

That’s right. Trump originally said that Mexico would pay for the wall and now, people will not be getting paid through the Christmas holiday, all because he is throwing one of his many temper tantrums and not getting his way.

By the wall, don’t let “veteran” fool you in terms of Mr. Kolfage. Here is some more information about him that might interest you:


Yep. So we kind of get an idea of who we’re dealing with here.

This is embarrassing to say the least. Contrary to what Kolfage says on the GoFundMe page about this NOT being a “scam,” he also says the following:

“We have contacted the Trump Administration to secure a point of contact where all the funds will go upon completion. When we get this information secured we will update. We have many very high level contacts already helping.”

How much do you want to bet that either no further information is put out, or upon this information being released, few people would actually be able to contact them?

I am not one of those who assumes that everyone who tries to raise money for a cause is “scamming” in some way. But this money will be turned in to the government. Of course, they are the epitome of trustworthy, so we should have nothing to worry about, right?

GoFundMe was intended to be for emergencies. This is NOT an emergency.

I don’t care how much Trump kicks his feet, folds his arms and makes faces like a baby trying to fill a diaper, this is NOT an emergency.

But you know, if I wanted to try and scam a large group of brainwashed people to send me money, this is probably the way I would do it.

Use a veteran.

Of course, not just a “regular” veteran. Not one like me, who served for 21 years and was blessed to be able to remain in good health. No, it has to be one who has lost limbs. With all due the utmost respect and I thank Mr. Kolfage for his service, I find it interesting that this was mentioned multiple times, almost as if to guilt people into donating, or that he is somehow more “legit” because of having been injured in combat.

When NFL players kneel, the go-to is to say that they are “disrespecting the troops.” So what better plan but to use a disabled veteran to carry this out. How could one, as someone who has repeated said that they “support the troops” say no?

As of now, the amount has surpassed $12.8 million. Can anyone say for certain that this money WILL be used to build this wall? After all, doesn’t the government always let us know what are taxes are used for? I mean, we have homeless people (to include veterans), disabled, people are suffering without insurance due to pre-existing health conditions, Puerto Rico who just was able to get electricity fully working again after the effects of Hurricane Maria more than a year ago; Flint, Michigan, who went a few years without clean water. Stuff I would think fundraiser would absolutely appropriate for. Yet, few people cared about that.

However, in blind and ignorant allegiance and loyalty to Trump (or because you hate Democrats), people rushed to donate to this racist border wall, all because Trump wants it.

So basically, all Trump has to do is to simply say he wants something ridiculous, Democrats say no, and there you have it. A GoFundMe page is set up and he (or whoever he enlists as a guinea pig) and he robs the American people.

It’s good to know that people who consider themselves as Americans care more about a wall than they do universal health care, clean water, disabled children in families who cannot afford medical treatment, or the homeless, both civilians and veterans.

But again, Trump did say that people would “support him no matter what,” right?

At least ONE promise he has kept.

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