#Trump: Dear Democrats, You Want Him Out? Then Stop Arguing About Nominees

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Dear Democrats,

This really should go without saying. Watching some of you argue and badmouth other Democratic candidates is disheartening, and exactly what Republicans want.

Especially Donald Trump.

Anyone with a functioning brain realizes that Trump absolutely cannot win in 2020. We’ve reached a point where I really don’t care who you vote for, but it cannot be him. Our country is in terrible shape right now, to say the least. Certain Republicans are not wise enough to realize that Trump’s behavior has already began to hurt them, but as long as Democrats are bothered in the slightest way, they view it as a “victory.”

Hell, some Republicans would burn their own houses down if they thought it “pissed off” liberals. That’s how big of whores they’ve become about this.

A little bit ago, I saw someone on Twitter say that if Joe Biden does not win the Democratic primary, that he or she is going to just “stay home” on Election Day 2020. I don’t have to say how horrible of an idea that is.

But what I will say is this. I’m not even here and trying to advocate which Democratic candidate you vote for. I am asking you to stop arguing about which candidate is better and STOP BADMOUTHING THE OTHER CANDIDATES.

Trump clearly needs all the help he can get, whether he gets if from our own country or not. So if you’re one of those who has taken on the attitude of just “staying home” if your Democratic candidate does not win, you are just making it easier for the already lying and cheating Trump to be closer to destroying the country for an additional four years.

If you have someone in mind, great. Nothing wrong with even talking about them.

But why not just stay speaking positively about the one you plan to vote for and not say much about those you won’t?

With what’s at stake, I really do not understand why this is so hard for so many people. You don’t have to like the other candidates. But if you’ve already decided that you will vote Democrat no matter what, it is likely because you understand how dire a situation this is.

Please do not get so bogged down on one single candidate that you begin arguing with others about who they will vote for. Chances are…great chances, actually…that both options are better than Trump.

ALL of them are.

It really does not do us much good to fight about which candidate should go up against Trump, especially to the point that you’re considering giving up if your candidate does not earn the nomination.

And I have yet to see this, but no one has yet to say that they plan on voting for Trump if their candidate doesn’t win. For the love of God, please do not go there.

We just need to be smart about this. Trump did not even win the popular vote in 2016, and he’s lost a LOT of Republican support. I’m going out on a limb here to say that there are very few people out there who did not vote for Trump before and will choose to do so in 2020.

This might be a lot to ask, but we need to be openminded about who secures the Democratic nomination. I have my choices, but I will not get so attached to them that upon them losing, that I would consider giving up or siding with Trump. All the <insert alcoholic beverage and/or non-prescription drug> in the world would never get me to do that. Ever.

But to watch some of you argue with other Democrats leaves me scratching and shaking my head. You know you don’t want to vote for Trump. Why even tease it?

I understand that because of the last election, people feel this way or that way about Bernie Sanders. I get it. And whether you support him or not, I wouldn’t blame you either way.

There is so much more at stake now than even back then. We’ve seen what Trump is capable of and how much of a mess he has caused in this country, not to mention what he has done concerning views of America from foreign leadership who are not murderous, traitorous dictators. That little wind-up monkey playing the cymbals would be a better option as president right now. I’d write him in.

In all seriousness, let’s stop the fighting amongst ourselves. Trump knows he can’t win in 2020 and so do Republicans, no matter what they try and tell you. I would not be surprised in trolls and bots begin showing up on social media and to encourage Democrats to either quit or vote for Trump, pretending that they will do the same thing. Trump already has them working for him, giving tired, dry, laughable praise on just about all political news stories. So it shouldn’t be long now.

How bad has it gotten? Well these trolls and bots are of just about any nationality. I recently saw some Japanese and Nigerians bots praising Trump. No joke.

Better yet, let’s just go back to some old school thinking about fellow Democrats: If you have nothing nice to say about one, just don’t say anything.

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