BLOG POST: Stop Asking If You’re “The Only One.” You Know You’re Not

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It never fails. Something popular is trending and it doesn’t take long before a host of people “wonder” if they are the “only” ones not into whatever it is.

But it’s not just wondering. You have to announce it to the world (meaning social media). It has to be this enormous production. Drama has to ensue.

And all because of what, exactly?

Because you don’t care for something popular?

Take a freaking number.

And what makes you think you’re probably clever is that you ask the question if you’re the only one. You pretend to truly have no idea if you are or not. Cutesy.

What also never fails is that when these questions are asked, a bunch of people reply, not to say something like, “No” or “Nah, I don’t, either.” No, that has to be a production also. People have to say things like, “NOPE. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT. I’M NOT OBSESSED WITH THAT GARBAGE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IS.”

Oh, spare me the self-righteousness. Have a seat.

Of course, we all know that common sense is not so “common” these days. But one fact should be pretty clear.

This country alone has about 300 million people. All kinds of people. Black, white, Latino, Asian, young, old, and as of November 2016, wannabe dictators as well. What is “common sense” here is that with that many people in the United States, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that there is absolutely nothing that applies to everyone when it comes to something that is popular, especially some TV show.

I’ve never watched “The Game of Thrones.” Obviously many people have. But I’m smart enough to know that if I’m not watching, I could not possibly be the only one. I don’t need to ask.

What I also don’t need to do is put down something just because I’m not into it. I’ve seen TONS of posts about “The Game of Thrones.” Cool. Just because I don’t watch doesn’t mean I cannot or should not respect my friends who do. The show’s not for me. End of story. I don’t need to ask the question or invite a bunch of nonsense drama by being passive aggressive in attacking something I’m not into.

And that’s precisely the thing. I don’t believe for one second that those of you who ask, “Am I tHe OnLy OnE…” are truly wondering if you are. I believe you’re well-aware that you’re not. You could always just leave it alone, but no…there are a LOT of attention whores out there. You have to play stupid and “wonder.” If you were seriously wondering, you would take the post down once you “realized” that you were not the only person who did not watch.

But of course, we know better. And so do you.

Even to say something like, “It seems as if I’m the only person who…” would be better. Sure, you’re implying the same thing, but you’re more stating, to the effect, “I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE, BUT JUDGING BY HOW OFTEN I SEE IT, IT SOMETIMES FEELS THAT WAY.”

But to announce it in a question like that reeks of attention-seeking. I don’t read social media all that much, but if I’ve seen this question a few times, I know you have, especially as someone I may know for certain who is on social media so much more.

What it really comes down to is this. The popularity is what bothers you. And rather than to say it just like that, you have to sort of distance yourself from that sentiment by asking, so it doesn’t come across that the popularity of something is an issue with you. Then when others come and are as extreme as you are in expressing displeasure, it validates you in some way. Especially when others attack the show or whatever it is and you “like” the comments.

Yes, we see that, too. That alone makes it clear that you knew all along that you weren’t the only ones.

I get it; we all feel the need to be special. Well we can do that without putting others down in the process. It doesn’t matter how many people validate your feelings. It should not take you insulting someone or something (no matter what spin you put on it) to make yourself feel better.

Simply stating that you don’t watch is more than enough. There is absolutely no reason you make a SINGLE comment about others who watch. You have NO clue as to why they do. You don’t know their lives or their personalities to make any assumptions. And since you would not like if someone did that with you, then do unto others.

No one is saying you have to like what’s popular. But if you truly do not care, show us by not mentioning it. This whole deal with announcing that you don’t care about something is truly laughable to me. Do you walk into every store you don’t shop at just to say you don’t care for their products? That would be pretty silly, correct?

Or simply state that it’s not something you’re into. All the extra drama isn’t necessary. Those people watching aren’t bothering with you.

Shhh…just let people enjoy things.

And you enjoy what you like.

See how easy that is?




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