#SendHerBack: A 21-Year Veteran’s Open Letter To Those Who Want Brown People “Sent Back”


Dear Conservatives,

I am a recently retired 21-year Army veteran. I am also a black man.

“GO BACK TO AFRICA!” is not a new thing. People have been saying this for years. When “nigger” stopped bothering us or got so played out that we all knew when it was coming, my guess is that this is when it started. And many of you support saying it now or say it yourselves.

Been there, done that. *yawn*

I would also assume that insults used to the address the Latin community aren’t wildly original, either. It’s actually laughable that people still don’t know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

It’s also funny to hear many of you say “GO BACK TO AFRICA!” because it shows how primitive YOU are. You’re telling us to go “back” to a continent many of have never been to. Not to mention, Africa is NOT the only place everyone who looks black comes from.

What’s especially hilarious about this is that you’re the same people who say that we should “LEAVE SLAVERY IN THE PAST; YOU WERE NEVER THERE,” as your “genius” retort of us saying something you don’t like is to tell us to “go back to” a place in which many of us “were never there” also.

Let’s be clear on something. This is NOT a letter to “beg” for you to see the error of your ways. I am done playing that game. I am not about to ask people to stop being racist, nor will I ask you to stop supporting racist behavior.

This letter is to let you all know that WE. ARE. HERE. TO. STAY.

First off, go and look in the mirror. Right now. The person looking back at you is the ONLY person you are in charge with.

Remember that.

You are NOT in charge of people of color. Ever. I am not sure who told you that you were, but they were sadly and laughably mistaken. We can and WILL speak up to say whatever we choose about the state of this country, and we will sit right here as we do it.

That is not up for discussion. Not sure who told you it was.

I honestly feel bad for those of you who are quick to tell us to “go back to” wherever you think we come from. I feel bad for where your minds are to think you actually have a say. I feel bad for you to be so brainwashed to think that we are still in the Civil Rights era where you think you can just snap your fingers and make us disappear.

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is our country’s first Muslim-American member of the House of Representatives. Of course, it did not take long for the racist ugliness to come out. Your obvious hate for women and Muslims led you to grab on to the first thing you could find and ride that as hard as possible.

Of course, as you pretend race has nothing to do with it. Been there and done that one too.

Last night at another of Donald Trump’s pointless, hateful, taxpayer-money-wasting, KKK-white-sheets-replaced-by-red-hats rallies, the crowd chanted “SEND HER BACK!” referencing Omar, which is a direct response to Trump earlier tweeting that she and other Congresswomen of color “go back to” their countries.

A lot of you reading this, especially if you are a Conservative, either have no problem with it, don’t care enough to speak up, or totally agree with the sentiment of sending Omar “back to” her country, even though she is an American citizen.

I am NOT looking to change anyone’s minds. This isn’t that kind of letter.

What I AM here to tell you is that you we are WELL-aware of what’s going on.

People at Trump rallies are paid to be there. There are many paid social media accounts in which posts are made to support Trump. Trolls who exist on social media mainly to just irritate those who are against him. Bots that automatically make Trump-supporting posts. This is no longer a secret. We figured it out pretty quickly.

Before you come on to boast about how much you are not paid or a bot, slow your roll. To brag that you are racist or support it is absolutely nothing to be proud of.

I said above that this is NOT the Civil Rights era. Back then, it was much more acceptable to look down on people of color, especially since there weren’t many white people to speak up against it.

However, TODAY, that is not the case. Just because your fearless “leader” says something and you choose to just go along with it does not mean we will follow along. Not even close.

NO ONE is going anywhere.

As I said, I’ve served in the Army for 21 years before retiring last year. I served to preserve American rights. ALL of them. For ALL people. Not just the ones you don’t like or whenever someone says something you don’t agree with.

I fought for the right of American citizens to speak their minds without having to be told to “leave the country” just because YOU don’t like it. This is lazy, displays a gross lack of critical and individual thinking, and is just plain ignorant.

If Trump is so much better than everyone else and you are so much better than “liberals,” you should be able to have a conversation or engage in a disagreement without telling anyone to “leave.”

People of color don’t have to go anywhere. ESPECIALLY American citizens.

No one is going to “send back” an American Congresswoman, nor any other person of color.

You merely live in this country. It does not BELONG to you. You do not have a say in who stays and who goes.

And I damn sure will not leave. Neither will anyone else.

I stand with Ilhan Omar.

Black AMERICANS are told to “GO BACK TO AFRICA.” Puerto Ricans are told to “GO BACK TO PUERTO RICO.” Mexican AMERICANS are told to “GO BACK TO MEXICO.” People chant “SEND HER BACK” about a Muslim AMERICAN Congresswoman.

Stance has nothing to do with it.

Race does.

“Make America Great Again” means “Make America White Again.”

We all know this.

That’s why we are still here. And always will be.


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