BLOG POST: “Both Sides” Is Nothing More Than An Excuse to Defend Trump and His Supporters. Enough

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You didn’t say “BOTH SIDES” when Trump physically mocked the disabled reporter.

You didn’t say “BOTH SIDES” when Trump was caught bragging about “Grabbing women by the pussy” as a 59-year-old.

You didn’t say “BOTH SIDES” when Trump called African places “shithole countries.”

You don’t say “BOTH SIDES” when Trump sits on Twitter and spends the entire day insulting people with childish insults instead of behaving like a president is expected to and demonstrating SOME level of class and decorum.

You don’t say “BOTH SIDES” when he calls the media “the enemy of the people” to where multiple times, journalists have been killed and the killers referenced Trump BY NAME as inspiration.

You don’t say “BOTH SIDES” when white people are harassing Blacks and Latinos, and caught ON VIDEO using racist language and engaging in other racist behavior.

You don’t say “BOTH SIDES” when innocent, unarmed black men are being shot and killed by “police” officers.

You don’t say “BOTH SIDES” whenever a white person tells people of color to “go back to” their countries, even though we’re all American citizens.

You don’t say “BOTH SIDES” when Trump wastes our taxpayer dollars holding nonsense rallies and spends the entire time insulting anyone who disagrees with him.

You didn’t say “BOTH SIDES” when people were yelling “SEND HER BACK!” about CONGRESSWOMAN Ilhan Omar and Trump encouraged the behavior.

You don’t say “BOTH SIDES” whenever white people are calling the police on black people minding our own business.

You don’t say “BOTH SIDES” whenever a fragile white male who didn’t get his way decides to shoot and kill a bunch of innocent people and references Trump BY NAME as inspiration.


…when people want to speak up against this abhorrent behavior, THAT’S when you want to say “BOTH SIDES NEED TO STOP”?


That is the lamest, most cowardly and obviously slanted copout to continue defending the president and his supporters. That’s the same as ignoring a person who runs around setting fires, but you have a fit when someone starts calling the fire department and police, and reporting the arsonists.


As a black man, it is suggested that people like my Latina wife and I have to be “on our best behavior” if police choose to harass us. You have this laundry list of everything WE need to do in order to not be harassed or shot and killed while we are out and minding our business or if we get stopped for no reason. Yet, you say nothing about the police’s behavior.


When I go places with my family, now I have to look for exit routes or be prepared to shove them under a table and cover them up with my own body in case someone decides to enter and start shooting. Yet, you’re more concerned about “what went wrong” in the murderer’s childhood than you are about supporting the protection of innocent lives.


I have NO desire to try and reason with anyone who supports Trump or joins in with his supporters and remains quiet whenever all the things happens that do or did above. If you want to drink bleach, that’s up to you.

But before you have the nerve to open your mouth about those who choose to speak up about this behavior (to include other white folks who actually HAVE a backbone) and say that “BOTH SIDES” are the problem, I have one word for you…


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