BLOG POST: Dear Police Officers, You Don’t Need to Quit. Just Take Responsibility

All over, we’re hearing news about members of law enforcement who are deciding to quit the force. With everything taking place, some would say that they don’t blame you.

As a black man who will be 41 in a couple of weeks, I would be lying to sit here and say that I was not concerned for my safety upon seeing a police officer. The easy answer, as mainly certain white folks and some police officers have said is simply to “not break the law.” However, this one is a little tough.

For starters, Breonna Taylor wasn’t breaking the law. Neither was Botham Jean. Ironically, both were inside their homes and doing absolutely nothing to bother anyone else, and they were both murdered by police.

Second, breaking the law should not be an immediate death sentence. The last I checked, only when a person is a credible threat should deadly force be applied. Not the simple fact that a police record exists.

At any rate, I should not have to fear for my life while hoping the police officer I see is having a good day or is not a racist. You have handbooks and policies for a reason. I’m pretty sure that nowhere in there does it say that people should be murdered for breaking the law or having a criminal record.

We as black people have reached the point where “not breaking the law” is sadly not enough anymore to protect ourselves from certain members of law enforcement.

Before you say that “not all cops are bad,” we are well aware that they are not.

However, you are all trained to profile by race, if I am not mistaken. Not mention, I am pretty sure that for most of you, seeing a group of black people together would generate a different response than seeing a group of white people. For example, how often would a white man be viewed a certain way based on the car he was driving as opposed to a black man?

While I’m sure most of us can understand why this may be necessary, it is interesting how you all, WITH training are allowed to profile and in many ways, stereotype, especially when it comes to black men, women and children, yet those of us WITHOUT training and after seeing other blacks murdered by police are supposed to treat every single cop as an individual and these events as all isolated. That is not even the way we are viewed.

With this being said, I personally do not feel that quitting is necessary. I would just like to see more accountability.

I understand that the reason some have for quitting is because of how bad things have become. Physical attacks on law enforcement in various areas of the country are frightening. I cannot speak for everyone else, but I personally do not condone physically attacking police in ANY way, shape or form. I am NOT okay with that.

At the same time, accountability is not happening. People do not decide that day to do what happened to George Floyd. Someone knew or at least had an idea as to how that officer was. When people decide to keep quiet, that is when it is a huge problem.

Too much is being covered up, and we are well aware of this. This is what needs to stop. I’m fully aware of all the issues within the black community. Lord knows we have to hear about it every time this happens, as though that makes this okay.

Yes, I do find it interesting that trained police officers are allowed to fall back on the shortcomings of the black community to justify murdering innocent civilians. That almost defeats the purpose of having an oath if it is just thrown out based on what black people do or have done wrong.

If the pressure of doing the right thing is too much, then by all means, leave. You do not deserve to have a badge and gun if this is tough for you.

But if this is not, then do the right thing. That is the whole reason you wanted to become police officers; is it not?

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