#WhitePrivilege: How This Was Further Proven During the Capitol Riots (WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

If you cannot tell what this picture shows, nor the context, this was the gun of a Capitol police officer seconds before he shot and ultimately killed a female terrorist who shall remain nameless, at least for the sake of this post. I feel for her family, but I refuse to afford her the same respect that should remain reserved for people like Breonna Taylor. This woman was there as part of a mob looking to overthrow the government, as evidenced by the cracked and damaged windows in this same picture. So no…I will not “say her name.”

Also, I changed the picture to include the name of the person who shot the video, because he deserves every bit of prison time coming to him. You see “JAYDEN X” near the lower-right corner of the photo, and this individual’s name is John Sullivan. He claims to be part of Black Lives Matter and only existing as a “journalist” to record these events; however, upon viewing the video below, it is more than clear that he is there to instigate, as he has suggested to “burn down” the Capitol, along with making numerous other comments to show that he is part of the group as opposed to simply documenting them.

I will spare you what many of us have already discussed, which is the fact that the response to these white terrorists attempting to destroy the Capitol was far less than what came with Black Lives Matter protests last year. White Privilege is strong in this one; that is not up for debate.

However, there is one specific aspect of this video that I would like to point out that proves White Privilege even further.

Those of us with sense are aware that black people would never get anywhere near as far as the white terrorists did on Wednesday. That is a given. You can comment all you want about Black Lives Matter and the protests/riots last year, but all I am interested in is you saying that even based off the evidence, this is not true, which you won’t be able to say. At least not with a straight face. So we move on.

At about the 33:00 point in the video, the white terrorists (yes, I will keep repeating that, in case you haven’t already figured that out) made it to the door that is in this picture. Then, at about 34:35, that is when some began to use objects to attempt to destroy the glass.

Note: A few seconds earlier, at about 34:32, the camera person, Jayden X, Mr. innocent “Journalist,” also says, “LET’S GO! GET THIS SHIT!” which leads them to begin trying to break the glass. Self-incrimination at its finest.

They work this for a good bit of time, using sticks, a helmet and their feet to try to break through the glass and the door. All this while hearing mild chants of “BREAK IT DOWN! BREAK IT DOWN!”

Then, at about the 34:52 mark, I believe it was Jayden X who said, “YO! THERE’S A GUN!” as this sentiment is echoed by the other members of the group once they notice a Capitol police officer holding a gun from inside another room on the other side of the door.

The white terrorists continue to breach the door, as it appears that the presence of a gun slowed them down a little bit. However, sadly, not everyone got the “memo,” and one individual had to learn the hard way.

A few seconds later, the Capitol police officer took a step outside the room and fired a single shot at the woman who was attempting to climb to another area of glass, whether it was to try and break that down or if there was another opening that she was trying to get to. After the shot, she fell, and right away, the white terrorists backed off from trying to destroy the glass and door, as law enforcement personnel tended to her.

Unfortunately, this was to no avail, as it was reported that she died some time later. A few people shouted that she was already dead a few seconds after this point in the video, but it was not visibly clear. The last time I could clearly see her, she appeared to be moving, albeit as she was bleeding from her neck.

Here is where my own thoughts come in.

I find it odd that Jayden X shouts about a gun and warns the group at this stage in the process. By this time, close to or more than two hours had passed. This was 34 minutes into a 39-minute video, where the video started long after things had begun already.

The part I find odd is that Jayden X and the others almost sound surprised that a gun would be present and pointed at them. Kind of like “Oh shit! Someone on their side has a gun!”

I’m not always the sharpest tool in the shed, but how does one storm the D.C. Capitol, one of the most secure federal buildings in the entire country, and then acts “surprised” that an official would point a gun at them? It would almost appear as though they never expected something like that to happen.


That’s it. They didn’t expect it.

Here’s my next question. How far could I or other black people expect to get in, well, any situation, before we would respond as if “surprised” by a law enforcement official pointing a gun at us?

Would we be able to make it two hours into storming the United States Capitol?

*cue sarcastic Jeopardy theme*

Since folks love to keep referencing the Black Lives Matter protests and riots last year, let’s stay there when answering this question. Because when even the thought that riots would happen by Blacks, the Capitol was more than prepared. There are photos of National Guard troops and law enforcement stretched out and practically covering the Capitol from end to end. So I doubt that we would even be able make it across the front lawn before we would see guns pointed at us.

Then again, I don’t even have to doubt anything. I just said that pictures exists showing how far we as Blacks would be able to make it before they would be ready for us.

When the woman was shot, the video ends shortly after that, so it is unclear, just from this video alone, if they all remained there or chose to go elsewhere. But it didn’t look to me that they continued trying to get into that area.

When one brings up White Privilege, those who try to deny it usually say the same thing. To quote the legendary rapper Slick Rick, it goes a little something like this. HIT IT:

“White Privilege doesn’t exist! I’ve never gotten anything handed to me! I’ve worked very hard for my whole life to get to where I am! I’ve lost out on opportunities too! Everything hasn’t always gone my way! I also grew up poor!”

Yada yada yada.

White Privilege has nothing to do with how a person came up or any opportunities. It means that of the obstacles they have to face, being white has never been one of them. Sure, white people can be and are poor. No, white people don’t always get huge inheritances. But it is a proven fact that being white has rarely been a problem for just about all white people. Of course, there are black people who could treat them poorly because of race. But these instances are few and far between. They don’t have to worry about walking into a business and being turned down or judged because of being white.

When people drive through certain neighborhoods, there is never a concern of driving through a white neighborhood.

White people are not followed around in stores.

White people do not get arrested because they “matched someone’s description.”

White people are not viewed by much of society as “thugs, criminals and animals.”

And the list goes on. In short, white is not nearly as big of a problem for white people as black is for black people.

Cue someone predictably commenting to tell me how much I need to “Just work hard” and to “not expect anything to be handed to me” or to “stop using my race as a crutch.”


I truly believe that it wasn’t that any of the white terrorists were there to really start a “war” of any kind or stormed the Capitol prepared for what could potentially happen.

I believe they did all this in believing that because of their race and privilege, nothing would happen.

A gun, at that level of security in regard to federal buildings, especially after trespassing (to say the least), stealing and destroying property, should not surprise anyone. At all.

Unless you are full of White Privilege.

When that woman can be shot and the white terrorists back off, it shows that they were shocked in some fashion. Not because a gun was presented or that someone was shot.

But because one of them was shot and ultimately killed.

You storm the Capitol. You call for the heads of senior, and I mean senior officials, with Vice President Mike Pence being easily the most notable. You destroy property. You break into offices. You bring the Confederate flag. You threaten to burn down the Capitol. Someone shows a gun and now you are surprised?

Either one has to be incredibly dense to not see that coming, or they have to go in believing that it would never happen in the first place.

All I know is that I can barely walk outside without seeing a police officer and being prepared to switch my phone to capture videos, just in case. Black Lives Matter protests and riots from Blacks are prepared for well in advance.

Yet, these white terrorists choose to break into one of the most secure and historically sacred buildings in the United States, record just about the entire thing on video as just about every other person had their phones out, no one is concerned about hiding his or her face, they yell every obscenity imaginable, and are not shy about speaking about destroying the building or killing officials. A law enforcement official holds out a gun two hours into the chaos and the tone is “OH SHIT! HE’S GOT A GUN!”?




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