“I DON’T GIVE A SH*T ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS!” Then Stop Using Them to Get Social Media Clout

This blog post is LONG overdue.

Every few days or so, I skim through my social media, and I can just almost always rely on someone saying some form of these:





And on and on and freaking…on.

Right now, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been on the news quite a bit with so much happening between them. I won’t get into those now because that deserves a separate post. Many quotes similar to the above have applied to them as well.

Now, let’s get to it.

I’m well aware that many are on social media for no reason than to get clout. However lazily, cheaply, desperately or ridiculously they can get it, they have no shame. No matter how manipulative they are or even if flat-out lying or supporting lies; anything that can get them a *like* here, a *share* there, a *retweet* here, and so on, is what they will do.

Many will pretend to be innocent of this as well. Even more laughable.

If that is you, read on.

First off, if you truly “have not watched” or know nothing about the Kardashians or any other celebrity you’re jealous of (exactly what it is), then how do you know how *proud* you should be to not have seen an episode? It kills me how people spew such venom for something you supposedly have no interest in.

And a disclaimer…this is NOT to judge anyone who watches those shows or follows them. The same people talking that noise about “not caring” don’t sit around and watch National Geographic all day. They watch nonsense too. So none of us are any better.

Anyway, there is no logical reason to be fuming mad/annoyed at something you don’t watch. I don’t care HOW often it’s “in the news.” At best, you might be mildly inconvenienced, but to say this and that about them individually means you do more than just see them in the news. You read the stories as they come out or you’re a liar about having watched more than just a few minutes of it.

COMMON SENSE 101: A show does not last for 20 seasons if nobody watches. Period. I’m no expert, but I know enough that if no one watches, the show doesn’t last. So for so many people to be *not* watching, the show lasting this long and all these folks claiming NOT to, that just means most of you are lying.

Your <exaggerated open finger quotes> FRIEND <exaggerated closed finger quotes> or someone else told you about them? Cool. You still would not be THAT angry about it. Now you’re just going off secondhand information. People have told me about shows all the time that I know I would have no interest in. And that’s about as far as it goes with me. I would simply say I haven’t watched because it’s not really my thing. NOT jump on social media and announce it or shout from the rooftops how proud I am to not have seen an episode. That is just silly. What are you afraid of?

That’s the equivalent of someone noticing something is missing of their desk, they merely look at you and you say, “NOPE! I DIDN’T DO IT! I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! IT WASN’T ME! I HAVE NO IDEA!”

Like seriously…chill.

Second, I hate to break this to many of you, but get this…PEOPLE CAN FOCUS ON MORE THAN ONE THING AT A TIME. This is for those of you who love to compare celebrity news to a serious current event. You have put down the importance of the celebrity’s/celebrities’ news in favor of the current event. That’s fine, but why not just then focus on the current event? Why do you need to compare?

If you love to assume that just because people give attention to a celebrity, it must mean they don’t care about serious world events, you’re wrong. What evidence do you even have that that is ALL people care about? Most likely, you haven’t checked or do NOT check to see what else those people talk about.

Then again, you don’t really care. You don’t need evidence, right? Just complain about celebrity news compared to world news and you know you’ll get the clout you’re so desperately after. You know this.

And this largely has to do with your *hate* for that celebrity or those celebrities. Again, if not interested, you would simply say that and not have much further of an opinion on it.


No they don’t. Stop.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t in the news A LOT. Of course it is. That is what people (including you) will pay attention to. But not a single soul is *forcing* you to engage. Social media isn’t an emergency. As wild as this concept is, you do not HAVE to be on there. If something is on there and it bothers me literally THAT much, I would log off. Simple.

Any grown adult with a functioning brain should be able to navigate through social media and the internet without saying they are “forced” to view anything if they truly do not want to. And yes, I know that even YouTube forces ads before viewing while some of these MAY include this content (I have not seen it yet and I watch YouTube all the time). But even in those cases, Advertisements longer than 15 seconds usually give you the option to exit from the ad and into what you’re watching in five seconds. So 15 seconds max that you MIGHT have to watch.

You’re that angry about 15 seconds?

Not to mention, when it comes to celebrity news, the news itself is not often all there without you having to go somewhere else to see the rest. So spare me all this “shoved down our throats” nonsense. The most you get is a picture and headline. You have to click on them in order to get more. And something is wrong with you if a picture and headline has you wound up like that.

I am someone who reads and watches the news a lot, and I don’t know much about the Kardashians. I sure as heck don’t feel like it’s being “shoved down my throat.” At most, I might say, “Again?!” but I would not walk away angry. That just makes no sense. But you know what I have gotten angry about?

Reading the stories. Or watching certain shows. Because then I know the specifics.

Again, no headline and picture or a “friend” synopsis about a show has made me angry. Only after actively going into each do I feel whatever type of way about it.

As far as the “AM I THE ONLY ONE…?” question, again…stop it. You know already beforehand that you’re not. You’re just begging for responses so you and whoever can feel like you’re better than everyone else. Cheap. And you’re not.

The bottom line here? Stop judging people because they waste time differently than you.

I could continue to say that again…if you haven’t watched the show, you would not have a strong opinion about it. I hear about shows all the time that I don’t watch. I have ZERO need to get onto social media and *announce* that I don’t watch it, along with obtusely asking “if I’m the only one” who hasn’t seen it. But just about every time (it NEVER fails), many people comment to not only say they “don’t watch,” but they stress how much they “don’t give a shit” about it and everything else to make it clear that they have watched it, or know way more about it than they want to admit. I have never in my life felt like saying I “don’t give a shit” about a show I’ve never laid eyes on. I kinda just shrug and say I haven’t seen it. I about “peak” at that point. Hearing it more doesn’t change my attitude.

So why do you do this? To sound more “enlightened”? To sound as if you’re more “aware” than others? Well let me let you in on a little secret…

…you’re not.

It already demonstrates extremely poor character to judge how someone unwinds. If this is their thing, let it be. Your anger about celebrities is more about them being rich and famous than anything else.

Yes, yes it is. Stop lying to yourself.

Of course, within reason, these shows are mainly about drama. Drama has “sold” in Hollywood since the beginning. And you love drama. Again, something many are not willing to admit. But I don’t judge if that’s what you’re into. I have the problem when you lie about it.

These shows are not “watching” themselves. And shows don’t last 20 seasons strictly from “friends” telling others about it.

Most of you are probably thinking this is my way of supporting the shows or the celebrities. Excuse me while I laugh.

I say I *laugh* because that just demonstrates how small some people’s minds are and if that’s you, then the shoe fits. This “battle stations” mindset is just ridiculous. In the minds of so many people, you have to either love or hate something AS MUCH AS THEY DO, or you are 100% on the other side. Applying here, because I’m not spewing fire and venom about the Kardashians or Johnny Depp/Amber Heard, that *must* mean I support them.

That shows just where we are as a society. But here is what it’s about. Try to stay with me:

We are at a point in our history where bad publicity/behavior is literally making those with good publicity/behavior obsolete. That’s right. Good behavior, publicity and character isn’t praised as much as the bad behavior, publicity and character is talked about. Folks like you have so much to say about bad behavior that this is what so many just go for now. That is what gets discussed. Those in power know this. As long as you are talking about them, then you are paying attention.


It has gotten old a long time ago to see people trip over themselves trying to sound intelligent, clever, brilliant, or just fish for reactions by putting down a celebrity, as they do not realize that they have given that celebrity exactly what they want. It just feeds them.

Heck, I hear more people fuss about the Kardashians than I hear about the show. Think that somehow defeats them? No, slick. Because just like with car accidents, people still *have* to see what it’s about. Even if you said that you watched an entire episode and didn’t like it, that is still far better than lying about it, while your attitude proves 100% that you more than watch. You read the stories and everything too.

Think about it. The “I HAVEN’T WATCHED AN EPISODE IN 20 SEASONS” nonsense post has about a million comments and several hundred thousand shares. To you, that’s brilliant and gets you clout from friends and anyone else who agrees with you. Yay.

To the producers of the show and network? That’s more than a million eyes that see the show’s title and those participating in the show.

This would be like opening a store and seeing a million people outside the building talking about it. You would be over the moon. Because even if people are claiming they “hate” the store, your odds are still pretty good with THAT MANY PEOPLE still there.

You REALLY think everyone who says they don’t watch actually don’t?

You REALLY think that NO ONE sees a post like that and chooses to watch for the first time? Out a couple millions responses/shares/likes, etc.?

Come on now.

NOW do you get it?

So if you truly do not “give a shit” about celebrities and what’s going on with them, stop using them to get clout for yourself. Because as tacky as that is, you’re contributing to them getting exactly what they want.

Someone who thinks you’re smart is going to say, “WELL YOU WROTE A WHOLE BLOG POST ABOUT IT, SO YOU’RE GIVING THEM ATTENTION TOO.”

Here’s the thing, genius…I’m not spewing venom about them. FAR more people in comparison are doing that. So as much as that feels like a “gotcha,” not quite. Those who would say as I’m saying here are few and far between, and most certainly are not enough to keep these shows going and celebrities in the news. But you know who is keeping them going?


So keep talking about them and thinking you’re being clever. This is a bear who wants your food, you give them your food, but you strut away thinking that you somehow outsmarted the bear.

News Flash: You didn’t.

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