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I Am Not Perfect…But I Do Work On Myself Each Day, Because I DO Care

Of course, nobody is perfect. There’s a belief though, that people should always accept us as we are, imperfections and all. You are who you are and people need to just “deal with it.” Then there are others who understand … Continue reading

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LADIES, Are You Unhappy With Your Self-Image? It May Have Less To Do With “Self” Than You Think

Yes, I’m a man and I’m writing about a woman’s self-image. Now if you aren’t mature enough to not say something other than, “Oh, he’s a man, what could he possibly know about a woman’s self-image?” then you aren’t mature … Continue reading

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Here Are a Few Reasons You Are NOT Seeing Personal Growth (Part One)

To some degree, we ALL want to reach some level of personal growth. Whether it is losing weight, making more money or simply becoming a better person, we all want to “grow” in SOME way, whether others agree with it … Continue reading

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I’m Going To Start The “Mirror” Challenge. This One Is Where You Think Of Ten Ways To Improve Your Life and Better Yourselves. Don’t Hit The “Share” Button All At Once

Often I see posts or articles saying, “Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do…” or “Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say…” or “Ten Ways to NOT…” this or “Ten Ways to NOT…” that, but you know one I have yet to see? One … Continue reading

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