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If This Man Were Behind Your Mirror (Poem)

If this man were behind your mirror, whether in your bathroom or the hall, Upon you prefacing with “Mirror mirror on the wall;” I would say hello with a smile you could not see, Since a smile would likely not … Continue reading

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ANOTHER O-DARK THIRTY POST: Inner Peace Is Vital Because I’ve Learned Long Ago That There Will Never Be Outer Peace

4:16 a.m. –¬†When you hear the term “inner peace,” the first thought that comes to the minds of many is a group of people¬†sitting in a circle around a campfire, legs crossed and some fool saying, “Hummmmmmm” or everyone singing, … Continue reading

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I’m Going To Start The “Mirror” Challenge. This One Is Where You Think Of Ten Ways To Improve Your Life and Better Yourselves. Don’t Hit The “Share” Button All At Once

Often I see posts or articles saying, “Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do…” or “Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say…” or “Ten Ways to NOT…” this or “Ten Ways to NOT…” that, but you know one I have yet to see? One … Continue reading

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