Hi, everybody! My name is Robert People and you’ve reached People’s Court. I am an author with six self-published books and I am also a poet and an aspiring professional screenwriter. I’ve completed several works and at the moment and I’m still looking for agency representation. Hopefully, I will not be looking for long!

I retired from the Army in 2018 after 21 years of service. I am married and we have two children. Some of my hobbies include writing, reading, exercising, traveling and spending time with my family. I also look to encourage those around me whenever I can, so if you don’t mind that, you can expect to see that also. My posts will touch on just about anything.

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Thanks for visiting!

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11 Responses to About

  1. Grace Asher says:

    Look forward to reading your writing. Thank you for your service!!


    • pplscrt79 says:

      Thanks so much for following and for the support. I write about a lot of different topics in here, but much of it involves writing as that is something so absolutely love to do.


  2. northworthy says:

    I drifted in reading your open letter to Hillary off a twitter post and in reading some more of your articles, I am enjoyed them. I hope others feel the same joy. Keep it up. Blogging is for you without the expectations of others and you write well in that light. Good luck. 🙂

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  3. Terry Gulick says:

    Robert, hello. I tweet’d you also. I read your long letter about you, your daughter, & Hillary. I actually believe you and I could be friends and neighbors, but we are way off on Hillary. I have studied and researched all of these politicians. Always keep in mind that if anyone watches TV news media to “know” who a person is, you will always get a slant to the LEFT. Even FOX News is owned by a wealthy Democrat who only allows his reporters to tell part of the story. I think Trump chose to run because the media only made fun of his hair, but they seemed to actually like him until it looked like he had a chance to win. Plus he started telling secrets out in the open that the Clinton Crime Machine kept quiet. But if you believe what you are told and don’t notice how they do things, then you won’t care a lick about what Hillary did to denigrate and destroy Bill’s lovers in the past. If the doctor exrayed your unborn daughter and told you the fetus should be “removed” due to some issues with “its brain and skull”, and now you look at her and smile, how would you feel about the doctor? Peace my friend, Terry


  4. Sam says:

    Dear Robert,
    I just stumbled upon you and I very much appreciate your strong positive comments. Thank you for your service and keep writing !


  5. Debbie stay informed says:

    I thank you for allowing me to say” THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND PROTECTING AMERICA’S FREEDOM’S”. I also have a military family. Your writing is very interesting. But I would like to express myself on the issue are your question, What do Women’s March, expect?” Well as mother and grandmother, I expect the March to say to our public servants lawmakers understand that (WOMEN) HAVE BABIES IN (OUR) BODIES not to mention other health issues. IT’S (ME & MY FEMALE DAUGHTERS & G.DAUTHER BODIES THEIR MAKING DECISIONS ABOUT. WE just want to show, women HAVE unifed together. Wheather REP, DEM, 3,4, party that it OUR BODIES UR TALKING ABOUT! So, Law makers should remember that fact, when they are getting involved in personal beliefs & make issues LAWS, about a womans bodies & their health. Thank you,
    Sincerely, Mama Debbie

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  6. Renee Bush says:

    I was a victim of of racial discrimination please share this video https://twitter.com/promisemetoo/status/1004802055175798785?s=21


  7. Joyceann G says:

    You are indeed a gifted writer, I enjoy reading your post and thought the letter to the man in the oval office was spot on! I too am a retired Army veteran and plan to make that tourist trip next time we’re in LA! Thanks for reminding me about the touring of the studios! I’ve written a couple of self-published books also.
    I’d like your thoughts on my latest OurDeWitty @ https://jgraydiscovery.com/?s=our+dewitty

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  8. Hi Rob!
    So, I told a friend of mine about your books awhile ago and she purchased them. She recently told me that you’ve published another book. I’d like an autographed copy. If you are ok with that, please send me the link. If not, I respect that.

    Hope all is well!



  9. Mandy Degroot says:

    I am looking forward to reading your books. I love reading about current and past historical times, learning about other cultures and understanding each others world.


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