#DumpTrump2020: Dear Independents…

Let me be clear.

You know and I know how horrible this country looks right now.

You know and I know that Donald Trump is largely the reason for it. Both directly and indirectly.

You know and I know that Trump totally ignored our current pandemic and also lied to the public, claiming this was a “Democratic Hoax,” along with saying the cases with dwindle down to zero in short period of time. For those keeping score, we’re at more than 8 million in the United States alone, with more than 226,000 who have died. That’s a little greater than zero.

You know and I know that Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose voters.

You know and I know that Trump mocked that disabled reporter.

You know and I know that Trump called them “shithole countries.”

You know and I know that Trump totally lied about Mexico paying for the wall. PLOT TWIST: No, Mexico is not paying through “taxes,” or in some indirect manner. Enough with that lie.

You know and I know that Trump sits on Twitter all day insulting people left and right.

You know and I know that Trump says very little of substance. He spends all his time passing blame.

You know and I know that Trump could not very simply condemn White Supremacy when asked during his first debate with Joe Biden. That should be one of the easiest questions to answer. Instead, he said to “Stand back and stand by” to the “Proud Boys,” who are clearly White Supremacists.

You know and I know that far more than that has happened over the last several years.

You know and I know that Joe Biden is the only person at this point who can defeat Trump.

Let me say that again.

I didn’t say that the only person we “want” to defeat Trump. I didn’t say the “best option in the universe to defeat Trump.” I said the only person who can defeat Trump.

As of the time I am writing this, we are one week away from the election. This is way too late in the game to believe that anyone else has any kind of shot of taking the presidency from Trump.

You know and I know that an Independent will NOT win this election. Period. It doesn’t say what will happen twenty years from now, but Independent is not happening. Not this time.

A lot of you are voting Independent this time around. That is your right.

Many of you also do not care from Trump. Or Biden. But yeah…Trump.

What are the reasons you do not care from Trump?

Now what are the reasons you do not care for Biden?

Got it.

I think it’s safe to assume that among the problems you have with Trump, many are line with what many of us have issues with as well. Unable to condemn racists, insults on Twitter all day, etc.

None of this means you are not allowed to have issues with Biden. Biden is not perfect. I do not believe a single person said that he was.

But here’s the deal.

Whatever issues you have with Biden obviously line up somewhat with the issues you have for Trump, or in all your complaining about the things Trump has done and said, they are obviously not so bad as to believe he needs to be removed from office by the only person at this point who can have him removed.

Joe Biden is not a limousine. He is a bus. We don’t need to get out of here in the prettiest way possible. We just need to get out of here.

It baffles me how we are running around and confused as to how we got here. A white guy caused the problems, so we need another white guy to fix them. This is our own faults. But I digress.

Anyway, I get the thinking behind wanting to vote Independent. I’m sure that not everyone wants to be limited to only Democrat or Republican. And of course, you have the right to vote for whomever you want.

However, I cannot imagine that any sensible person would vote Independent and truly think that will make a difference. I had to look up who was even running as Independent, and I am usually up to speed on the news. How could one not be at a time like this?

Also, when people say they are “voting Independent,” guess what? That’s exactly what they say. I have yet to hear someone say they are voting for a name. That should tell you something.

Quite frankly, I have a hard time seeing this as anything less than helping Donald Trump. I don’t quite see it as voting “for” Trump as many like to say, but a vote that could be applied to his opponent, the person who is in the best position to take him down, will not be applied.

It is like using a squeegee at the beach to get water off the sand. Yes, it is noble as hell. But you are ultimately doing nothing. And the person with the squeegee has to know this.

I have also seen and heard people who suddenly switch from Democrat to Independent once Bernie Sanders was out. So this was not some long-standing stance. It was more like being a sore loser. Not that someone is not allowed to change parties, but for it come that quickly could only mean that the main focus is to go completely against whoever was ahead of Sanders, which in this case, was obviously Biden.

Whatever the case, the blueprint is being left for us. It is there. There is only one way to vote that will get Trump out of the White House. ONE way.

And “Independent” isn’t it.

I see a lot of people “putting their foot down” or straight-up throwing tantrums in stating that they will vote Independent no matter what. That deeply saddens me. Something that you know is not going to work, and you would rather do that than to work to help us get rid of the problem, which in this case is Trump.

In my opinion, this whole “both sides are bad” is complete nonsense. Trump has done and said way too much for anything Biden saying or doing to be enough to nullify all that.

Voting Independent will do absolutely nothing this election. Nothing.

Nothing at all.

Did I mention nothing?

Now for those of you who want to pound your chest and tell me how much I “can’t tell you what to do,” I have not once demanded that you do anything. I only stated what happens upon voting in a way that is guaranteed to fail.

It’s like being at a bus stop and needing to get to a job interview, but choosing to wait for the cleanest bus, even risking being late. The main focus is getting the job, not getting there in the prettiest possible way.

Trump needs to go. We can all at least agree on that much.

Biden is not the greatest option. But he is an upgrade and will get us out of this mess we’re in. He will not sit on Twitter insulting people all day. He has experience. He has stated that he is all about the American people; not spending all day bashing Republicans.

The bottom line is that our country did not get the way it did overnight. Therefore, it will not be fixed overnight, either.

But Joe Biden is definitely a start.

And if Trump is “bad, but not that bad,” you may as well go ahead and vote for him.

Because for him and those like him, “not that bad” is all they need to keep doing what they’re doing.

And you will be part of the group responsible for ensuring that they will.

Don’t let your entire house burn down because the fire extinguisher you have is not in the best of shape.

Voting Independent will do precisely that.

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