#GetVaccinated: Why (and How) Pro-Vaccine Individuals Are a Big Part of the Problem

Many of you who are pushing for the vaccination, especially on social media, are part of the problem. Here’s why.

Please read the entire post before commenting. I’m not entertaining those who make it clear that you stopped reading after one part of it. Not engaging in those comments.

First of all, nearly 190 million people in the U.S. have been vaccinated. That means that more than 100 million have not. In thinking of those who are unvaccinated, if your mind immediately assumes that all or even most of the 100 million are on the FAR RIGHT and all about conspiracies, anti-vaxxing, saying that COVID is a hoax and all that, you are already wrong.

As a grown adult, you should know better. Period.

Believe it or not, everything is not about politics. A lot of people could not care less about Democrat or Republican, and unlike you, they don’t make EVERY decision that way. It saddens me how many adults don’t get this. People don’t always care about the political “battle stations” that people want to rush to with damn near EVERY thing that happens.

Even if you believe you’re right, there’s a way to go about it that won’t be detrimental to your point and purpose. Again, many don’t get that. Too many feel that as long as you’re right in your mind, you can behave in any manner you want and people are supposed to just comply.

If you went to your boss’ office, jumped on top of his or her desk and demanded a raise, you’re very likely to get a different reaction than if you respectfully brought it to them. And this is even if you feel it’s deserved.

A number of people are concerned about getting the vaccine, and being “anti-vax” has absolutely nothing to do with it. Now if you cannot muster up a single ounce of compassion for people who are struggling with this, then you don’t get to talk about the unvaccinated “not caring about others.”

“BuT tHe BaD rEaCtIoNs ArE rArE!” They’re still happening. These are still people. The same people you get on the unvaccinated for “not caring about” is who you’re showing you DON’T care about here.

And didn’t we get on the Conservatives for ignoring the COVID death rate because it is a “small percentage” also? So you can do it, but not them? And who will change their minds when that happens?

“I dOnT cArE tHeN. ThAt’S tHeIr FuNeRal!” Interesting.

I care very much about the families of those who lost their lives due to COVID. But here’s the thing. Did the rate of deaths increase at some point? I don’t believe so. People are sadly still dying at the rate it has always been, but also, people are surviving at the same rate as well.

So why are you now pushing the notion that *everyone* or even *most people* who are unvaccinated will eventually die? That wasn’t true before. So what changed to make it true now? Does it just sound better? Is that your way of throwing a tantrum because people aren’t doing what you want?

Here is what I see, straight up. You’re mainly on here for clout. You couldn’t care less about those who are seriously considering the vaccine, but struggle with it. You couldn’t care less about those who have underlying conditions or simply have a rough time with getting vaccinations in general.

See, it isn’t popular to show compassion to those having a hard time. No, the popular thing to do is find some way to put down Conservatives (since you believe that those are the only people who exist). You won’t get the “likes” if you respectfully address those struggling. You need the clout from your friends agreeing with you, or if you’re out to piss off Conservatives, then that is your main focus.

I am the furthest thing from a Conservative. But we can’t make them our concern with every single thing that goes on. This is how they keep us distracted. There are people out there who are nowhere near Conservative and have legitimate concerns about the vaccine. Beating them to death with “JuSt GeT vAcCiNaTed!” or the laughable false equivalencies to people “eating hot dogs and McChickens their whole lives” (which literally no one does) means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to them.

I can admit that I have been right many times in my life, but at the same time, a complete asshole in the process, and it ended up totally diminishing my point and purpose where in hindsight, I would have gotten a more favorable response had I went about things differently.

If you don’t care about those who are anti-vax or believe COVID is a hoax, then stop talking about them. Stop addressing them. If you keep talking about and addressing them, then you DO care. Stop perpetrating for clout and pretending it’s because you care about others. You’re already showing it’s less about them and more about whatever “zinger” you want to deliver for claps from your friends.

If you care so much about the other people, then show it in your behavior. You CAN be right and humble at the same time. It’s okay. And that may be exactly what some people need to feel confident about moving forward with getting vaccinated.

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