#ImWithHer: An Open Letter To #Hillary Clinton, From A Dad With a Daughter: Thank You


Dear Mrs. Clinton,

The picture you see above is of me and our eight-year-old daughter, Bianca. Now, even though we both look serious in this photo, it is far from it. She came up with a silly idea to do a “sideways staring contest,” basically to see how long we could sit there like that. Despite how we look, after my wife snapped the picture, we both cracked up.

Another reason I like this picture is because some folks believe she gets her stubbornness from me.  Many have told me that this totally shows how similar we are.  Don’t get me wrong; she is the sweetest person and she’s smiling and laughing all the time. This is a rare picture where she isn’t.

I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  Like many other males, I’ve always wanted children, but especially a daughter, because I had often seen how much little girls adore their fathers and I honestly just wanted the same.  I felt I had a lot to teach and I just wanted to do so, not only to a son, but a daughter as well.

We do have a son, Jamal, who is 11 now. I can’t even put into words how excited I was to know he was on the way. I can still remember months later, telling people, “Did I tell you my wife is pregnant?!” and them answering, with a sigh and a smile, “Yes…several times.” So this letter is in no way to slight him.

Anyway, when Bianca was born, the doctors told us that something was wrong and they did not have to convince me at all.  Bianca behaved much differently than Jamal did. When Jamal was born, he was a very quiet baby.  With that being the first time I had really experienced childbirth, I actually thought it was “just another myth” that babies cried as soon as they were born, because it was something I had only seen on television.

However, our daughter let me know that that was NO myth.

She had some lungs on her.  Boy, she screamed.  Bianca meant business on top of business. The problem with her back then was that her soft spot was larger than it was supposed to be and they had to perform surgery to close it up some, or else it would start to close up onto her brain as that grew.  However, I did not know this at the time.  All I knew was that something was wrong.

We were moved to a different, more open area as my wife recovered, while they tried to figure out exactly what was wrong.  But there I was, a father of a daughter for the first time.  I had waited my entire life for this.  Now here she was.

I began to internally panic.  There was my little girl and she was in distress.  I’m her father. I was supposed to fix it.  Period.  And I had no idea how to do so.  At one point, I said to myself, Maybe I was wrong.  I am NOT ready for this.

Just then, she grabbed my pinky, held it tightly and I mean tightly.  In trying to comfort her, I attempted to pull away and she just would not let me.  The smallest finger I have, yet as a grown man, I couldn’t pry it from my few-minutes-old daughter’s hand. It was as if she was trying to tell me something.

Here is what I would like to believe she was trying to tell me:

“Daddy, I need you.  I am scared.  I don’t know anything right now.  But I know who you are.  You’ve been talking to me since I was inside Mama.  So I know you are here to help me.  But I need you to not be scared.  See, I don’t trust any of these other strange people in here.  But I trust you.  If you don’t want me to be scared, I won’t be scared.  I’ll follow you.  But I really need you to be okay. If you are scared, then I will be scared, too.  If you are okay, then I will be okay.  I can tell that you might think you are not ready for this, but let me tell you…you are.  You’ve said that you love me so many times and I know you.  You are ready. I’m going to hold onto your pinky until you believe that.  I promise you, Daddy…you ARE ready.  As soon as you believe that, then I will be just fine.  Please believe that, Daddy.”

Now, I know.  How ridiculous that I believe she was trying to tell me all that.  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Especially since as soon as I started to really feel it, she began to calm down.

What in the world does all this have do with you, Mrs. Clinton?

For starters, if you are still reading, bless you.  Today, Bianca is just fine.  She couldn’t be healthier.  But my purpose of writing this is to simply say one thing:


I am thanking you because you’ve given my daughter hope for a bright future and one little girls did NOT always have. Now some may disagree and believe that is the job of me and my wife, but it’s a different kind of hope.

You have made it arguably further than any other woman in United States history.  You are just over a month from potentially being the very first woman to be President of the United States.

Too many people out there will have a problem with me writing this, largely because of their ill feelings toward you.  My profound reason for this, many will not understand.  But this is not about politics and much of what people choose to argue about, along with much of what they dislike you for.

The main reason is because as an eight-year-old, our daughter could not care less about all that. She sees a woman about to be president and she thinks it’s cool because no other woman has done that before.  That’s as far as her mind will go. People will not understand that, because they’re so caught up in their own feelings that they will not be able to fathom that kids simply do not care. Even if I, as someone she wildly adores, were to sit her down and tell her everything people have said about you and their feelings toward you, Bianca will look at me lovingly as she always does when I talk to her, but her eyes will glaze over and she will say, “So are you gonna make baked ziti again, Dad?”

Being born in 1979 myself, the first president I really knew of when I became old enough was Ronald Reagan.  I think back to the first time I realized what it meant to be President of the United States.  I thought it was cool, too.  I didn’t care about all the politics that came with it.  Adults could have told me anything and I wouldn’t have cared.  I remember that my friends and I would have many conversations about what we would do if we were president.

That’s the part many people will not understand.  Again, they’ll be so caught up in their own feelings that it won’t make sense to them as to why I would write this.

I want to say that I admire you so much for how far you’ve made it.  Even if you did not win the election; even if your campaign literally ended today…NO ONE can take this from you.  EVER.  It doesn’t matter what anyone says or how they feel about you.  No matter what responses I get to this.  No matter what people have accused you of.  No matter what foul, childish names people have called you and will continue to call you.  None of it matters.  Because you did something that VERY FEW people have the guts to do and that millions upon millions of people will NEVER get to do.

I cannot express how much I commend you for deciding to running for president.  See, for me, it’s not always about how much success someone sees.  It’s not about what others feel of what you’re doing or how successful they think you will be.  I will always appreciate effort and that a person actually does what they set out to do.  These days, it seems so few people have goals and dreams, so naturally, many like to make fun of or put down others who do this.  I have aspirations to become a professional screenwriter, so I most certainly get that part of it.

I even commend Mr. Trump for the same reason, believe it or not.  Deciding to run for president is not an easy decision.  However, that’s as far as my commending for him goes. This blog post is about my daughter.  So that tells you all you need to know of my thoughts of him as a candidate and person.  And I’ll leave it at that.

But Mrs. Clinton, you’ve done something no other woman has ever done before.  Despite what many are willing to admit, among MANY other areas, this is NOT a place many feel a woman is supposed to ever be.  As a black kid growing up in Baltimore City, I had no business even wanting to be president myself, because many believed a black man was never to see that also.  However, we know how that turned out.

Again, my daughter doesn’t care about the politics and the insults. She sees you doing something and setting the tone of what women and young girls can be capable of.  I call this “profound” because once more, many won’t get this.  They’ll be stuck on all the nonsense.  They won’t understand that my reason for writing this isn’t about that.  It’s about my daughter and what she as an eight-year-old sees when she looks at you.

I can anticipate friends and others responding to this with the same negative retorts they’ve given others who support you.  That’s fine.  I don’t care.  If I lost every friend I had in life and on Facebook, every follower on Twitter and whatever else, it doesn’t matter.  When it comes to my daughter, she is ALL that matters.  Losing friends isn’t even on my radar.

So I will conclude by saying this.  I am confident we as a country will see our very first woman president next month.  But again, even if we don’t, and even if you never, ever see this, you will still never know how much you have meant to not only women and young girls out there, but those of us fathers who want the absolute best for our princesses.

See, many will retort with negativity and everything they can’t stand about you.  Some will either directly or indirectly express that they aren’t happy I wrote this.  But those won’t be the examples I will have my daughter follow.  My daughter will follow the examples of the woman, the imperfect woman, the woman with flaws, the woman who chose to take a leap no other woman ever has and despite so many telling her that she should not do so.

Bianca will follow the example of her mother and my wife, no doubt about that. But again, that’s different from this.  Once our daughter is older and begins to sort of separate her thinking from us as she learns what it means to be a young woman, there is one thing that will always be there, along with us as her parents.  When she develops those goals and dreams, something can be said at that time that could never have been said before, and that is that Hillary Clinton ran for president, IS president or WAS president.  This will tell her that she capable of anything and I mean, absolutely ANYTHING.

My daughter means more to me than anything or anyone else.  You truly have no idea what this means for not only me as her father, but MOST importantly, for her as a little girl growing up in a world that largely feels she is still inferior to males.  You’ve basically made it clear that that kind of thinking has got to go.  And you are making sure it IS gone.

And for that, Mrs. Clinton, I would like to again, say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.


Robert People

P.S. – They may say you can’t be president,

But to that, you should not care;

For we will soon have our first woman president

As Hillary Clinton is almost there.

(Believe it or not, a verse from a poem I wrote way back in 2002, intended for of course, my then unborn daughter)


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85 Responses to #ImWithHer: An Open Letter To #Hillary Clinton, From A Dad With a Daughter: Thank You

  1. ken kussman says:

    This is all BS


    • pplscrt79 says:

      I’m sure. Thanks for reading.


    • Oh really…you must hate yourself.


    • schmidtja5 says:

      This is not all BS. This is truth from the heart. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

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    • cmeegan69 says:

      Ken, I suspect you have neither a heart nor a soul. I pity you.


    • Dolores says:

      Thank-you Ken. GrtGranMa of three beautiful granddaughters, 2grandsons and 2new grt grandsons. I’m attempting to instill in them the differences between this MAN a working (since young) non Politician. AND this WOMAN an insider Politician who has made her fortune off the backs of All the American people (Dems, Republicans and all) and anyone else in the World for their Foundation. Since the 70′ s when Clintons came out it’s been one scandal after another
      Now so much more truth is surfacing. It needs to be about America not the gender. Which ever one wins will be a first


      • Susancnw says:

        Thank you Dolores. This is a lovely letter, written from the heart of a father who loves his daughter. It is in every word. And yes, thefact that she is runningis commendable, but sheis notdoing this oit of genuine service. She appears to think that.she.is entitled to this, it is herright to be the first woman president. Idon’t have a problem with a woman presidwnt, justnot THIS woman.
        You have a lovely little.girl there and I know the.fear that comes with something wrong with a child. Mine is 29 and getting married in January. I have 2 daughters who aretough.and know thatthey can do anythingnthey want, just like you little girl. God bless.


  2. Barbara says:

    Absolutely amazing letter, amazing. We need to find a way to get this to Senator Clinton immediately…..

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  3. June Rochek says:

    Thank you, I”m so proud of Hillary as well. I have love her strength since she was first lady. You have giving her a gift in this letter and I pray she gets to read it. God Bless

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  4. June says:

    I am writing from New Zealand and hope that the majority of people on voting day think the same way. We are amazed that a country that has always been in the forefront of politics has even considered Donald Trump as President, let alone supported him, he is a bully, jackass and clearly has no idea about politics and running a country. America will be the laughing stock in the rest of the world if he gets in, although with his ignorance he could do more damage than good for many. Hillary Clinton may not be liked by many but if you sit back and objectively look at who could really run the country it would have to be Hillary, a strong determined lady with years of experience and respected by the world, not a buffoon! I wish her well she is admired here and in Europe, I hope America makes the right decision on the day.i.

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    • Sharon says:

      Thank you. I was going to post something similar. I am Canadian, and I am very concerned that there are so many Americans who follow Trump. I am confident that common sense will win out and that Hillary Clinton will be the next American president.

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    • pplscrt79 says:

      Thanks so much for reading and yes, I’m baffled also. It’s not even as if he’s trying to be discreet in any way with his behavior. He’s straight up being these ways and people are excusing it. Sad.


      • Scott says:

        I enjoyed reading your letter. Although I disagree with Hillary, Bill and the DNC especially with all these emails that recently popped up. I believe it is important for young ladies and men to have a role model to look up to and create goals for their future. If her role model is someone who lies, cheats and steals then so be it. I would introduce her to Condoleezza Rice. A strong confidant woman. I wish you the best and god bless you and your family.


  5. Thid man must know he has been given a blessing from God. The real poblem he has is believing mankind s hogwash and if he read in the Bible what God s. Wisdom says he would change his thinking on who to support. It ain’t cool to be swayed by your faith in women. As a leader fot USA we need a person who believes in GOD. Not what you have been given in an education that is so liberal and out of whack from the whackOS


    • krafallin says:

      @abraham lincoln
      your own words “Not what you have been given in an education that is so liberal and out of whack from the whackOS” nice of you to not mention men or woman as a Leader for USA. Unfortunately there are only 2 candidates, out of the 2 HRC is the best.
      furthermore, on education, USA has always taught us what THEY want us to know. from C Columbus to now D Trump.
      thank GOD for the WWW and we can search and educate ourselves.

      good read

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    • Jen says:

      It just baffles me that people who claim that they are a Christian could even CONSIDER supporting Trump. The man is vile. He outwardly disregards the sanctity of marriage. He has committed adultery on several occasions (and as we have discovered recently, with UNWILLING women). He lies CONSTANTLY and he disregards helping those less fortunate than himself or people who aren’t white “Christians” (though to be fair, I’m stereotyping with the quotation marks, I’m sure that most Christians actually listen to what the Bible tells them). OH WAIT! It just occurred to me why you could support him. All of those horrible actions and complete disregard of the lessons and morals taught by the Bible can be entirely negated by the fact that he wants to take away a woman’s right to decide what she can do to her body by making abortions illegal.


  6. Rev Sandy Stone says:

    Thank you for this. I’m an old women but I’m great I got to see a women run for president in my lifetime. I have three Daughters & they all have children of their own. Who are also grown! Thanks so much from your great kind words!💞

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  7. Mary Vinson says:

    An awesome letter from a father, a real man. I know had my father lived to see this he too would feel as this father does, because he always encouraged me to do whatever I chose. And as a black woman he told me I would have to work for it twice as hard as my brothers. So let me join Mr. People in thanking you for being an AWESOME ROLE MODEL for my daughter and my 4 grand-daughters win or lose though I believe you will win and of course you have my Vote. Im a daughter, mother and a grandmother living now in North Carolina. But raised in New Jersey
    Mary Ford Vinson

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  8. Cate Pettit says:

    Exactly how I feel about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. It means so much to me as a woman! It is so inspiring! Bless you and your daughter and your family.

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  9. You are praising absolute corrupt garbage and serving it up for your daughter to consume. Her husband is a rapist and she is his cover. Nice pick!


  10. cwhig says:

    Terrific post. I can profoundly relate, both through my 27-yr-old daughter and my 3.5-mo.-old granddaughter.

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  11. pamela gutierrez says:

    Well i wish you all the best, but im sorry to tell u today, god has made all tbat happen for you , but the person your voting for does not want freedom of religion and put a little girl through hell defending her client rapist and laughed about it, i feel sorry for the country you wamt to leave you child in , if hillary becomes president and all i can say is god bless your. Children.


    • pplscrt79 says:

      Laughable that you mention God as often as you have and then add nothing but regurgitated nonsense in the rest of your reply. Save the “God Bless” for yourself. My daughter doesn’t need that kind of hypocritical ugliness.

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      • Ted Dinneen says:

        Good man. I loved your letter. You are what I aspire to. I am a loving father to a young woman and the grandfather to a little 6 month old little girl. The love you have expressed for your little girl is simply beautiful. I feel the same about my girls. You are inspiring. Ted, from Ireland. To hell with the begrudgers. Haha.

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      • evergreen358 says:

        Do you think your daughter needs Trump as her U.S. President or Trump as a role model? Consider the following from Dr. Martin Luther King: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” I struggle to find light or love in Donald Trump himself or in his messages.


  12. Frannie says:

    Beautifully expressed. I so admire your love and respect for your daughter. She and your son are lucky to have such caring parents. I’m not personally a fan per se of either Donald or Hillary. My vote will be against the hate being spread by only one candidate. Neither are perfect… But I have zero tolerance for him… So I’ll be voting for a Democratic woman to make history. You’re right… Girls can do whatever they want. Dream big… Study hard…focus… Make it happen.

    Give your kids a hug from me and tell them I think they’re so blessed with lovely parents…. Even if you are a little stubborn. Lol.

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  13. Ted says:

    And by the way, haha. Could all of you people ( and I respect the views of everyone who disagrees with me, genuinely. Really! ) Could people stop hiding behind nom de plumes. I cannot respect an opinion that comes from xzpltre etc. If you have the courage of your convictions, put your fecking name to your opinion and be an adult. Can we get beyond this anonymous sniping from spineless people from the sidelines. If you don’t agree, just say so and put your name to it. Disagreement is healthy. It is good. Nobody is going to think less of you. Just man up and own your opinion. You might be right. I might be wrong.

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    • pplscrt79 says:

      That’s why the opinions are so laughable. Not even bold enough to use real names. Yet they say something is wrong with us.

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      • Ted says:

        I have read your letter again and I thank God ( actually, anyone’s God, haha ) that kind, loving fathers like you exist in the world. You are a credit to your parents and an inspiration to your daughter. I’m not a Trekkie ( haha ) but life long and prosper. Much love from Ireland.

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    • NiMaWa1 says:

      You do realize that a lot of names are taken, right? That many people have to get creative in order to come up with a name that hasn’t already been taken? I had to come up with my name because all other variations of MY NAME have been taken. Sorry if I haven’t spent my life lurking in the comments section of various websites. I’m here now and if you don’t like my “nom de plume”, maybe chill out and try to relax? You take shit WAY too seriously.


      • pplscrt79 says:

        Good copout. A lot of folks put some silly name in there because they’re cowards. Period.

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      • Ted says:

        Haha. I’m the most relaxed dude on the planet. I’m just looking for transparency, for people to own their opinions. By the way, and I’m serious here, the last time I made a comment on a forum was about six years ago. I normally let everything wash over me. I agree with some posts and disagree with others. I was simply moved by this nice man’s prose and I have always disliked anonymous comments. I think that it gives licence to some people to snipe anonymously from the sidelines. I am sorry if I offended you. No offence was meant.


  14. Ted says:

    Just as an aside, you can also put your name to your opinion in the text of your message. Haha. Sorry, I was lurking there again.


  15. way2gosassy says:

    You sir are a great credit to fatherhood! Your letter is beautiful and I believe that your children are so lucky to have such thoughtful and caring parents. I know that Hillary would love this letter. Thank you for sharing.

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  16. Amazing, moving letter. Fantastic stuff.

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  17. Reblogged this on Childhood Obesity Awareness Advocate and commented:
    I love this letter, written by a loving father, thanking Mrs. Hillary Clinton. I’m hoping that she will read it, and just wanted to share it with you too. Love, Ciaraaa


  18. Sir first thank you for your service. Second I will not be voting for Hillary for policy reasons not gossip. But just for this she has my respect. It is refreshing to see a positive note about her influence. It is also refreshing to see a dedicated father being there for his children, I admire you and please never change.

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  19. Maria Maier says:

    I loved this, thank you so much for writing what SO MANY in this country feel. God bless you and your family.

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  20. Diane Twilley says:

    She is not the first woman to run for president maybe some fact checking here but I understand your letter, I have a son and granddaughter and I think if you really cared about the future of our children you would want Hillary in jail for she is dangerous.


  21. Alex says:

    Politics aside, you’re a damn fine father. She’s a lucky girl. Prepare to totally lose the “side eye glaring contest” when she hits about 16.

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  22. Ralph says:

    Wow! I’m glad that you’re a happy father. Congratulations! What I don’t understand is, Why Hillary Clinton? What have she done for you? All she wants is your vote, then she will forget about you and your people until next election. Respectfully


  23. Evan says:

    Based on this letter, you seem like an amazing father and I respect that.

    It’s really cool that your daughter gets inspiration from Hillary but tell her that she can do whatever she wants in life! Find that thing she has a passion for and perfect it! Don’t show favoritism towards anyone simply because they are male/female, black/white, or whatever.

    America will have a woman President one day. I don’t support Hillary but it has nothing to do with her being a woman. For the same reason, I don’t support Trump purely because he’s a white male either.

    Either way, this was a nice read. I hope you are able to accomplish your dreams one day Robert!

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  24. Chance says:

    I think it’s a beautiful letter. I wish that all little girls had daddys that were that devoted. But then I’ve been wishing that every child couid have the start in this world that I had. We were poor. My dad had to borrow a car to bring me home. Home was a basement home with a flat tar roof (most of my friends never heard of a basement home). My mother, it turns out didn’t like me. Because her mother didn’t like her. She was never conscious of her feelings though. She suffered from depression. My father was an alcoholic, and a very talkative outgoing guy when he drank. Sullen and distant with my mom when he was sober. He worked in a factory. I earned money for clothes and trips with my friends in high school, and put myself through college by working for a Doctor. A doctor who pretty much said have sex with me or you lose the job. In a small town you do whatever you can to hold on to a job because they were hard to come by. But I still had so much more than inner city children have. And that’s the only thing that bothers me with this letter. I’m a registered Democrat. I’ve been hoping for better things for those children for 34 years. But the only thing that has changed is it’s gotten worse. The political system has continually failed them admin after admin, black, Irish Catholic, Protestant, Republican and Democrat. I hate the violence and the horrible things exchanged between DFL and GOP citizens. I hate that whatever is going on in this country today has gotten worse under our “first black” POTUS, and now people are getting caught up in the “first woman POTUS. She may be ours, but there are others in the world who don’t have the criminal mindset she has had since she began her career. I don’t want children to think this is the way you do things to become successful. I don’t want her to be told to hate/fear cops. I don’t want her to use a race to get votes, and then abandon them yet agains. I also don’t want her to grow up blamjng another race for the failures of our government, or to feel entitled to violence to circumvent our country’s legal system. I want her to know good and bad are not sorted out by color, or profession, or gender, so we can pick them out until we catch them doing wrong and then we put them through the justice system. And if we don’t believe in that system we work with people of all colors, genders and political party affiliations. Because together there is power, divided our those children will never have choice or chance. Actions speak louder than words. I’m voting for an outsider in this election because those children can’t take 4 more years of “history”. I’m voting for a man who plays no games, doesn’t tell me what I want to hear just to get my vote, and will turn this country around so that we can all start to work together. That’s what direction I would like to see this loving father go for his daughter.


  25. Margarita Acosta says:

    Mr. People what you wrote about got to me as a woman who lost my dad who was just like you. He always said to me that I was the most important person in his life. We loved each other so much. Your lovely daughter should be so proud to have a dad like you. I also looked up to Mrs. Clinton all my life and I wish with everything in me she will be the next president. God bless you and your beautiful family always. You are a great human being!!

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  26. TheSteelGeneral says:

    Reblogged this on The Steel General's Blog and commented:
    Well, I cried.

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  27. Annette says:

    So so beautiful. I have 2 daughters age 2 and 8 and thank god every day for them gracing our lives.
    We are in Scotland uk. We hate trump!
    Everyone here cannot stand the idiot!

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  28. Clarence King says:

    I think it’s great!!! And God bless you, your daughter and Mrs. Clinton.


  29. Pam says:

    Beautiful testament to the bond and love between a daughter and her father. With all due respect to you sir and your obvious adoration for and commitment to your family, imagine the next little girl who never had a chance to experience and believe in the promise of life, liberty and happiness such as this because Hillary did not stand up for her life in the womb as her father was speaking to her such as yourself. Instead, Hillary supported the demise of that human life by allowing her to be aborted in her 8th month in the womb. She was so, so close but her rights were snuffed out with one snip. Why is a human declared dead when their heart has stopped but not declared and protected as a human with the first heartbeat? Your daughter may have quite a different view of Hillary Clinton when she is old enough to understand and form her own opinions about what Hillary stands for, or doesn’t.


  30. Sandy says:

    Too long but good


  31. Amber says:

    It’s really nice to be reminded of being a kid and when we thought of the presidency, we had no grasp of the corruption, the politics, the deals that went with it. Being president was just this amazing thing that until 8 years ago, only white men got to do. We always told children you can be anything you want to be, even president, but as adults we’ve never carried that promise out. I don’t support Clinton or Trump politically, but I think this letter is a great reminder of the example Clinton’s race is doing for young girls and young women across the country. They won’t know or care about the drama. They’ll just see that a woman does actually have a chance to run for president, maybe be president, and that’s kind of a great message for girls in the future.


  32. Lisa says:

    So why tweet this to Donald Trump?


  33. Holly Mills says:



  34. Frank Perricone says:

    Beautiful letter, but to the wrong candidate. Her track record for keeping women down is atrocious. Rape enabler, caught on tape laughing about getting the brutal rapist of a twelve year old girl off on technicality is NOT anyone I want my now seven year old daughter to ever look up to. She is a felon who is only free because she flaunts her power over the FBI and the State Dept. She is an enormous threat to our national security and therefore to your daughter’s safety. She has such dristurbing radical Muslim ties it is terrifying. If you don’t believe me just check out France and the new rape capital of the world. This is not an election about firsts and or normal issues IT IS ABOUT OUR NATIONAL SECURITY! Please unburu your head from the sand. There is proof wherever you look. You just have to look. Please don not hand our country over to the enemy, which is exactly what a vote for Clinton will do.


    • pplscrt79 says:

      I stopped reading once I saw “wrong candidate.” Bullying me doesn’t work. You can disagree all day and that’s fine. But you don’t get to choose who’s “right” and who’s “wrong.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lee says:

        Please look at project verita s videos and wiki leaks emails before you vote. Then you will be at least informed before you make the final decision.


      • pplscrt79 says:

        Um…no, Lee. You don’t get to decide what the definition of “informed” is. Don’t need the influence. Decision has been made.


  35. Lana says:

    Very nice, thank you


  36. Beautiful letter
    Beautiful sentiment
    Beautiful daughter


  37. Olowan says:

    I’ve deleted about a half dozen responses…simplest is best.
    Well done…and thank you…


  38. Alberta Williams says:

    You will always have dumb ignorant people voicing their negative opinions. Those are what I call LOSERS! Did your mama ever teach you that if you don’t have anything good to say THEN DONT SAY IT AT ALL! SERPANT TONGUES HAVE NO PLACE IN THIS GREAT AMERICA!


  39. Beth says:

    Every single word of this. Bianca is lucky to have you as a father and I totally get where you’re coming from with this. What a beautiful letter.


  40. Michelle says:

    Reblogged this on Reading, Drinking and Dancing with a Chaser of Snark and commented:
    Beautiful and poignant words, from a father to Hillary Clinton.


  41. Beautifully written and very touching, Robert. You sound like a great dad.

    Even through all the negativity of this election cycle, I’m glad we’re around to witness this historic moment of progress. Young women will finally see that yes, they CAN be president—or, indeed, pursue anything else they want out of life. There’s still plenty of work to do, but I’m optimistic about where the world is headed. #ImWithHer


  42. Charlotte says:

    I like your post, and your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Bianca could someday be president. Under FBI investigation, proven liar Hillary Clinton can’t be president, though. We’ll get a better, much more qualified female president someday. Trump will do the job very well for now.


  43. Zoey says:

    8 years ago when I was young like your daughter I thought the same. How cool it will be if Hilary Clinton become the president, the first woman of all the presidents. But it turned out to be sweet illusion. What really matters to be a president is not gender nor ethnicity and all these kind of things… but the ability to be a good president. Female politicians are generally increasing, and sooner or later there will be a female president, like in the European countries these year and it doesn’t really matter. There are certainly more important things to consider about.


  44. Capiz Greene says:

    First of all, thank you and your wife for your service to this Country. I’m a military brat whose Dad gave 30 years to the service. Secondly, thank you for this letter to HRC describing what an inspiration she’s been to you, your daughter and young women everywhere.

    Many won’t understand that this is about inspiration, not politics. Like many black children who now know they have the opportunity for the presidency if they are willing to do the work, many young girls and women now have a similar role model.
    I’m so happy Bianca is well and thriving. I also know the discipline and drive that is part and parcel to military parenting…yes ma’am, yes sir, no ma’am, no sir. So I’m confident your kids will continue to make you proud!

    Best wishes for continued success in your family and career. God bless!


  45. Kevin says:

    Your an idiot if you think Hillary is not a vile nasty criminal who belongs in JAIL…whoooo whoooo She is going soon selling favors in State Dept. Despicable…and espionage is going to be a charge too….oh yeah reap what you sow.and open marriage is not Christian like either..(her amd Bill most def. Had one) so there you have it….


  46. Marie says:

    Wonderful letter. No I don’t agree with having this particular female as POTUS. I just applaud you in the way you are bringing your children up with values and a strong belief in themselves. Great job Dad 😁


  47. Michael Carter says:

    It took all of my willpower not to cry at this. All of it. And I still didn’t succeed. I cried my eyes out. I wish all the best for you and your family. Also I read in one of you other posts (the one in response to the Trump supporters) that you are in the military so thank you for your service. And never give up on your dream. That will set a great example for your children to also never give up on their dreams. I live in a Republican house with a father that detests Hillary (for no reason at all). It confounds me how he can say all these terrible things about her when he hasn’t even met her. Anyway, thank you so much for writing this. And keep me up to date on if it actually reaches her. Maybe I’ll see you on the news or a campaign add or something. All the best.


  48. Spp says:

    This is wonderful. I’m so sorry that you are getting hateful comments.


  49. Hal Koudelka says:

    As a father of a 7 year old daughter, and a 20 year Navy veteran, I found your letter very touching. Even though I disagree with your assessment of HRC, I respect your opinions, and thank you and your wife for your devoted service to our great country. Best of luck to you and your family in all of your future endeavors.


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