A Message To #Trump Supporters Who Attacked Me and My Letter To #Hillary Clinton


A few weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to Mrs. Hillary Clinton on here in which I thanked her for being an inspiration to women and girls everywhere, but most importantly in my own life, for potentially being one to my daughter, Bianca, who will be nine years old next month. If you’re curious to what that letters states, it is the blog post immediately before this one.

This is, by far, my most popular blog post to date and with the election less than one week away (close to one month away at the time I wrote the letter), it’s not a huge surprise.

I have received a LOT of positive responses to my letter, to include women AND men who have said it has brought them to tears.  In the letter, I spoke about our daughter and a medical condition she suffered when she was born in which surgery had to be performed on her head when she reached the age of 7 months. Of all the feedback I received, again, most of it has been positive.

There are a few who support Mr. Donald Trump and while they made it clear that they didn’t agree with my choice of candidate, they still appreciated me speaking about my love for my daughter and that they felt it was still an extremely moving letter to them as well.  It’s because of folks like that, despite the fact that we are not voting the same, who cause me to preface this by saying that this is in NO way to speak about ALL of those who support and will be voting for Donald Trump.  As with anything in life, a few bad apples should never represent an entire group of people.

And now to the good stuff.  Despite the thousands of positive replies I received to my letter, there were several negative ones as well, largely from, you guessed it…Trump supporters.  If that is you, and you had a problem with or did not like that letter, I am writing this to make something perfectly clear to you…


While I can’t speak for everyone else, the replies I’ve received have been comical to say the least.  As I am a black man, let’s start there.  Now as much as I wish that many of you could be mature enough to simply state that you don’t agree and to keep it moving, oh…that would require maturity, wouldn’t it? Something many of you have made it clear that you do NOT possess.

Disagreeing is one thing.  Two major party candidates and 300+ million people in the country.  Surely everyone will NOT be voting the same.  That should not surprise anyone.  But how some folks are handling that is quite embarrassing.

But back to you Trump supporters who have attacked me because of this letter.  Again, disagreeing is fine…

…but why the racial stereotypes?

Oh yes…you gotta have those.  Especially on social media.  Even though my letter in no way references race, it doesn’t take long before some spineless coward on social media, when disagreeing with something a black man or woman says has to resort to the tired, outdated and hell, even inaccurate racial stereotypes.  And it was no different here.

The typical response I’ve seen on both sides is that people who aren’t voting the same are some form of “stupid.” Let’s make something clear once and for all.  Who a person chooses to vote for does NOT speak to intelligence.  That is about the lamest response anyone can give.  It speaks to a lot, but not how smart someone is.  That just doesn’t make sense.  We used “stupid” when we were in grade school, when a kid took our ball at recess.  Even then, “stupid” wasn’t an appropriate response.  The kids were maybe mean, rude, didn’t have manners, etc., but in no way did it speak to how intelligent they were.

It’s the same here.  It’s a shame that something we said in grade school as a retort is what grown adults, 30, 40 and 50 years old are using and for what reason?  Because we’re not voting for the same candidate?  Have you not grown since elementary school?  I turned 37 a few months ago.  Surely you have something a little stronger than “stupid” when you don’t agree with me, correct?  It’s one thing if it’s the word I use on you.  But when I don’t even address you, how is this the first term that comes to mind?

But back to me and these racial stereotypes.  Excuse me while I laugh for a second.

So, you don’t agree that I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.  I’ve received replies to state that I am “thug,” that I’m on food stamps, welfare, that I “hate white people” (um…Hillary Clinton is…?), and as I have on my social media profiles that I am in the Army (19 years), I’ve also been accused of faking that as well.

Speaking of “faking,” I’ve received several responses to say it was a “fake” letter, that it didn’t really happen, or that I’m “getting paid by the Clintons.”

Give me a second.  Laughing again.

Trump supporters…lashing out at me like with baseless responses that you can’t even come close to proving makes YOU the foolish one.  Not me.  And yes, YOU are the one who has to prove it.

I know how conspiracies work.  People come up with the silliest nonsense and expect others to disprove it; otherwise, they claim it to be true.  That’s like me saying that Bigfoot was in my backyard last night.  Since none of you can prove Bigfoot was NOT there, that obviously means it did happen, correct?  That’s how some of you sound whenever you come at me with this nonsense.  The burden of proof is on YOU, not me.

So I’m a “thug,” huh?  What exactly makes me a “thug”?  Look up the definition and connect that directly to MY life.  Take your time.

Food stamps? I’ve never been on those as an adult.  Again, you spit it out…prove it.

Welfare?  Same thing.  Where’s the proof?  I don’t mean statistics, but even if that’s what you’re using, guess what?  There are far more white people on welfare than blacks.  Just thought I’d help you out with that one.  You’re welcome.

I hate white people?  As I’m thanking a potential white presidential candidate for possibly being an inspiration to my little girl, someone I obviously love more than anything else. You’re right; the excessive hate I have for white people is just so grossly evident here.

I am “not really in the Army”?  Is that so?  Well someone better tell the Army to stop paying me as they’ve been doing for all these years.

Seriously, these are all weak and clearly, all many of you have.  And here’s a news flash for you…


That’s what makes this funny.  When you all respond to me with these, I can imagine you are beating your chests and saying to yourself, “Yeah! I really told him!” as if you’re the first ones to ever say this stuff.

Not even close.  I am 37, remember?  Since you don’t have the intelligence to NOT say things like this in the first place, I’m not putting a lot of money on you being able to come up with something I hadn’t already heard before, MANY times.  You may as well call me a doo-doo head.

When none of this stuff applies to me, it’s a little hard to be insulted by it.  Just so you know.  You can repeat it over and over again (as many of you have, even in the SAME conversation, often back-to-back) and it won’t matter.

Do you understand this?

Not to mention, what does any of that have to do with my choice of candidate?  How are these related in any way?  Take your time on that one also.

Now, before any of you try and claim that this has nothing to do with race, stop.  Seriously, just stop.  Those of you who have been the quickest to use these have actually talked to me the LEAST.  So you don’t know me as a person…which means, what leads you to pick racial stereotypes as your go-to move?

As if we didn’t know.  When the only REAL aspect about me that you are positive of is that I’m black, it’s not rocket science, people.

Speaking of which, I’ve even gotten “nigger” a few times as well.  Of course.  But that ranks right up there with the rest.  I guess you figure I hadn’t heard that one before, either.

The funniest part of all this is what the accounts (mainly on Twitter, as that’s where most of the replies have come from) look like.  There are MANY of you who have accounts that were JUST created within the past day or so to maybe a week ago at the most.  That “egg” is still your profile pic.  You have generic screen names with “Deplorable” somewhere in them.  If you DO have a profile picture up, it’s some random picture pulled off the internet.  So you don’t even have the boldness to use YOUR real picture and/or real name, and you think I’M supposed to be intimidated by you in some way?

Once again…laughing.

I’ve asked more than once that you “mature” individuals prove this stuff that you say about me and guess what?  Either you deflect, change the subject, or just repeat yourselves.  Even more hilarious are the ones who accuse me of using a fake name in a fake profile, as you have the screen name of “DEPLORABLE123456789″ and a picture of He-Man as your profile pic.

Hmm…”DEPLORABLE123456789.”  Show me on your birth certificate where THAT is written.

Another funny aspect is when some of you troll on Hillary Clinton’s page and I see responses like, “YOU NEED TO STOP POSTING THIS.”

So, you’re trolling on the page of someone you don’t support and you think you can dictate to ME what I can and can’t post there?

Are you on drugs?

The reply I often get is, “When you post an open letter like this, you need to have thick skin for those of us who think it’s stupid” as if I’m just sitting in the fetal position in some random corner of my house because someone said something I didn’t like. Please. Opinions are one thing, but many of you don’t post opinions alone.  Again, you try and dictate what I can and can’t do.

Wrong answer. Not happening with me. Ever.

Yeah, I know. I’m a lousy father, I’m stupid, I’m not in the Army, I’m on welfare, blah blah blah.  Got anything new?  Because these are played out.

No?  Nothing original?  So all that was supposed to make me just “go away,” huh?

So sorry for you.  Because neither I, nor anyone else who supports Mrs. Clinton, is going ANYWHERE, ANY TIME SOON. You can dig as “deep” in your little “arsenal” as you choose for “insults” as if we’re supposed to just shut up once you drop them on us, but once you do that, guess what?  We’re still here and will continue to be.

You can bully us as much as you want.  I’ll say again…HEARD IT ALL BEFORE.  You’re not in control of anyone who chooses to support Hillary Clinton and you damn sure aren’t in control of me.

So for those of you who are tired of seeing that letter, here’s a word of advice:

Stop looking at it.  Be big boys and girls and move on if you don’t like something.  But in thinking that I’m supposed to just “stop” because YOU don’t want to see it, well…I’m not sure who gave you the impression that you are that important or that I was asking for your permission. Because you’re not and I wasn’t.

Oh look…it’s time for me to post it again, along with this one as well. See y’all there.













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7 Responses to A Message To #Trump Supporters Who Attacked Me and My Letter To #Hillary Clinton

  1. Sandra thompson says:

    I’m a Trump supporter and did not read your letter and I do tweet negative stuff about Hillary I can’t stand her but, you have every right to thank her and solders that died for this country gave you that right. I would never vote for her but the office is the highest in the Land and I respect it. Also, thank you for your service.


  2. Gina says:

    Dude, I’m a 56 year old Southern white woman and I have something to say. You are one hell of a strong individual. Thank you so much for all your years of service to our Country!
    I am not here to support anyone. I’m just so sick of the negativeness, hate,and name calling. I’ve seen people lose LIFE LONG friends over this election. People blocking each other on FB is childish and that’s my opinion only. God Bless and good luck.


    • pplscrt79 says:

      Thank you so much. Sorry to be just getting back to this.


      • Dawn Young-McDaniel says:

        I just read my comment and it’s got a typo that needs addressing. My autocorrect changed whatever I was typing and inserted the word “bitch” and that was absolutely not intended to be in my comment.
        Just wanted to clarify.
        Keep us posted on your case.


  3. Legend. Love all of this. Keep it up. This is what the first amendment is all about.


  4. We need to talk I have multiple sclerosis but have been affiliated with TV shows and movies as a medical and psychological consultant for about five years since I have MS I don’t get to do is bitch consulting is I would like to but I am working on a documentary about how messed up this election has been and how it’s fractured our country and it’s just hate. I loved your story and loved your letter and I think that you would be someone I would like to talk to. I’ll follow you on Twitter ❤️ I got your back!


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