Christian #Trump Supporters: How Many of You Can Say You “Love” Democrats the Way God Loves You?


Uh oh…

And there are no ash trays here. So save your “buts.”

Before I begin, I am a believer of God myself and by absolutely NO means am I the perfect Christian. Absolutely not. I don’t use that as an excuse, because I strive each day to be better. So this isn’t me “calling the kettle black.” I have work to do on myself also.

That being said, my question still stands.

How many of you who support Donald Trump can truly and honestly say “I love you” to a Democrat or who otherwise opposes the president in any way?


And what I mean by “save your buts” is this. I don’t mean saying, “Yeah, I love them, but…” I’m talking unconditional love. The way God unconditionally loves us. “I love you” to someone against Trump and THAT’S IT.

Could you do it?

It is easy to be a loving person until you actually have to love someone. It is easy to be a forgiving person until you have to actually forgive someone. Anyone can type up a cute little bio on your Twitter page, a pretty little bible verse on your Facebook page, or a dandy little picture of something religious on your Instagram. That’s all very simple. But I’m pretty sure God needs a little more from us than that.

And when I say “…until you have to actually love/forgive someone,” I’m not referring to “loving” that person who is easy to love. I am not talking about “forgiving” that person who did something to you that really wasn’t that bad. I’m talking about “loving” someone who most would view as unlovable. “Forgiving” what many would consider to be unforgivable.

…or in this case, “loving” someone who doesn’t agree with you politically.

Don’t come back with everything Democrats “need to do” first. That falls right in line with my entire point. Loving someone the way God loves us shouldn’t be based on how anyone else behaves. Forgiving someone the way God has forgiven us time and time again shouldn’t be based on what others have done.

There are countless stories in the bible in which people were forced to love and forgive. But this isn’t like today where people are simply saying things you don’t like. No, this is needing to love and forgive after being beaten. Tortured. Having family members killed. In some cases, many of them were saying “I still love you” or “I forgive you” DURING all those instances.

Imagine someone you couldn’t stand, as they physically beat you. Hillary Clinton…physically beating you. Barack Obama…physically torturing you. And I don’t mean anything figurative or excessive. I mean physically. Could you bring yourself to say “I love you” or “I forgive you” PERIOD as this was going on?

The funny thing is, God has said that to us. MANY times. No, we cannot physically do anything to God, but as we have everything about God on our social media profiles, it doesn’t even get close to anything that happened in those days, yet that unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness that God has blessed us with doesn’t exist. Things are physically happening to people and children. But because those who object to it are against Trump, you cannot even muster up a little PIECE of love or forgiveness. Because the bible speaks a LOT on that.

That doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything. No. That’s another part so many get wrong. Loving, forgiving and understanding and showing compassion doesn’t mean you have to agree with absolutely everything being said. The good Lord doesn’t agree with everything we do. But He still loves and forgives us.

Can you say the same to a Democrat or someone otherwise against Donald Trump?

We go against what God says all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME. Imagine if you had children and told them to go to bed. Then picture them saying “No” and never going to bed. I don’t mean that they did after you raised up, threatened them and everything else. No, I mean that they never went to bed.

What would you do? Would you still love them? Would you forgive them?

Because guess what? We (meaning YOU too) have done that to God MANY times. And He’s still here for us.

By the way, if your mindset went to “I would whoop that child’s ass!” step away from the computer or put your phone down for a minute. Seriously Take a deep breath. Get some fresh air. Do something else for a bit. Because you’ve totally missed the point if that’s the first place your mind went.

Again, I never proclaim to be the perfect Christian. None of us are. But one thing I have no issue with saying is that yes, I do my best to love all people, whether you voted for Donald Trump or not. I’ve had some vile things said to me by those of you who are Trump supporters as well.

Guess what? You are forgiven. I forgive you.

I’m not interested in any kind of justification for everything Trump has done. I’m so far past that now that it’s not even funny. I have absolutely no remaining patience in dealing with people making excuses for him. I’m done with that. I’ve made it absolutely more than clear that I do not agree with him or the administration. That is not up for debate or discussion. All comments to that effect will be deleted/ignored. This isn’t about that.

This is about whether or not you, as a God-fearing, God-respecting, proud Christian, can bring yourself to do something that God does for us EVERY SINGLE DAY.

God never says to us, “I love you, but…” or “I forgive you, but…” Those statements end in PERIODS.

So how many of you can say you love your fellow people? Democrats. Independents. People of color. The LGBTQ community. Immigrants. Because after all, again…God’s love is unconditional. That means it doesn’t matter where they are from, the color of their skin or who they are.

How many of you can say that?

And put a PERIOD at the end of it?

Take your time.

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